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R31 Vinyl Cutter, LXi Apprentice Software & Starter Kit ($290+$39) = $329 - Includes FedEx Shipping
R31 Vinyl Cutter, LXi Apprentice Software & Starter Kit ($290+$39) = $329 - Includes FedEx Shipping Quantity in Basket: None
Code: BUND-R31-APP
Price: $290.00
Ship Weight: 49.00 lbs.
Rating: 4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5 Read Reviews

Get Up and Going Fast with this package!
Vinyl cutter package and supplies
* Supply Package Value based on 2011 Official Mini Sign Contractors Pricing Guide

Quality is EnduraGLOSS vinyl! Here are the points that make it so popular for vinyl cutters: 6 years outdoor durability, 32 colors, easy to cut & weed, outstanding quality & economy, permanent acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, thermal printable (not suitable for inkjet printers), great for flat surfaces & simple curves. Supply package comes with 5 - 24 inch by 60 inch rolls. Colors may vary from picture. Looking for quality premask? Here it is! Premask is what helps you easily apply vinyl cutter letters onto the substrate. This premask has features such as low-to-medium tack and easy panel alignment of vinyl during installation, Clear, easy-unwind, no-strech film that resists curling.   Designed not to build up or yellow over time.   The supply package comes with 2 - 6 inch by 120 inch rolls.

Magnetic Sign Blanks are perfect for temporary signage on vehicles and steel doors. They remain flexible yet are easy to take off. Blanks are rounded on the corners so there's no need to trim them for a finished look. Rounded corners are necessary to prevent wind lift off. The supply package comes with 3 - 12 inch by 24 inch sets.

These 0.55 gauge plastic plate blanks accept vinyl letters cut from a vinyl cutter  very well. They are Corona treated on both sides, which means the plastic is treated with a very high electric charge.   This charge pits the surface of the plastic ever so slightly so that it is much more receptive to vinyl adhesive and to screen printing ink.  The supply package comes with 5 license blanks.  Colors may vary from picture.

Endura Cor-plastic corrugated plastic sign blanks with 4mm downward flutes are great for indoor and outdoor signage.   Use them for political campaigns or point of purchase signs.   It's easy to apply your vinyl letters cut on a vinyl cutter, graphics designs or screen print directly. The supply package comes with 3 - 12 inches by 18 inch blanks.   Colors may vary from the picture.

Package comes with Design Source, 900+ vinyl ready clip art designs and sign layouts, banner templates, and more.   4x8 sign layouts, creatures, stone templates, sign shape designs, curly Q's doodads, arrows, ribbons, flowers, veggies, fruit designs, food, pictographs, nautical, landscapes, artistic touches, hands and more.  All can be cut with your vinyl cutter EPS, AI, Win/Mac (PDF Preview). Package also comes with 3 - 45 degree cutting blades & 1 - 4 inch squeegee.


2. FlexiSign Vinyl Express LXi Apprentice Software (Not a Trial Version)

Don’t be fooled by any other software! Vinyl Express LXi Apprentice is one of the most-popular brands of sign-making software in the world and sells for hundreds. LXi Apprentice is a complete text layout program that utilizes both Windows TrueType and Adobe Type 1 fonts. LXi Apprentice allows you to do simultaneous cutting and text editing. This is a cost-effective software solution for  vinyl cutters  just starting out that can grow with your needs.

Upgradeable! Don't be locked in to a dead end software package with no upgrade path. For example, if you need scanning or designing features, you can upgrade to Expert. Or, for even more features, Master or Master Plus. Believe it or not, this upgradeable fully-licensed Vinyl Express LXi Apprentice* is FREE with this R Series vinyl cutter.

Listed below are just some of the features you'll get with this powerful and easy-to- use software.This is the best, industry-standard sign making software that’s versatile and professional. NOTE: LXi Software is "Cloud Based" and no hardware hasp is required. You will need high speed Internet for the initial software download and activation. The software manual is in electronic format, not paper.

*LXi Software System Requirements: Windows Vista, 7, and 8; 32-bit and 64-bit compatible. LXi Cloud is fully compatible with Windows 8. Windows XP is not supported and may or may not be fully compatible. 2.0 GHz processor or better, 128 MB video or better, 2 GB memory, DVD drive, USB 2.0,
4 Gb hard drive space availability. Internet access required for initial activation.


Vinyl Express LXi Sign Making Software

* Lxi is now available as a CLOUD version

The user interface of Vinyl Express® LXi™ vinyl cutting software is what makes signmaking easy for beginners as well as those who have loved signmaking for years!

LXi Apprentice is a complete text program that utilizes both Windows TrueType and Adobe Type 1 fonts. LXi Apprentice allows you to do simultaneous cutting and designing of your signs. Also included is a wide base of built-in vinyl cutter drivers. LXi Apprentice is the cost-effective solution for sign makers who are just starting out in the sign making business. 

LXi Expert is the only sign making package in its price range that has high quality scanning and autotracing. Other features include welding and drop shadowing to produce those eye-catching vinyl signs quickly and easily.

LXi Master adds even more shadow effects and literally millions of distortions to your designing capabilities. Master even has its own built-in spell checker. Included, too, is a Fonts and Graphics Disc library containing 900+ fonts and 1800+ graphics. LXi Master has all the features of LXi Expert plus more!

LXi Master PLUS adds more draw tools and selection options to enhance the capabilities previously included in the package. Bitmap tools are now also included as well as mode options, color tracing and trapping, striping, overlapping, step and repeat, masking, converting, distributing, and so much more. Included, too, is a Fonts and Graphics Disc library containing 900+ fonts and 1800+ graphics. LXi Master PLUS has all the features of LXi Master, plus more! Desktop print and cut operations supported by LXi Master Plus 8.6.

Additional Feature Chart & Information

LXi Sign Making Software Feature   Chart

3. 100% Trade Up Program

Trade Up Program
Looking to enter the exciting and highly profitable sign making industry or just looking to use a vinyl cutter at home? Great! But how can you be sure your investment today keeps pace with your needs and growth tomorrow?

SignWarehouse has the answer! We’ve introduced the 100% Trade Up Program exclusively for R Series vinyl cutter buyers. As your business or hobby grows and your need for a bigger, faster, and more powerful vinyl cutter increases, you can trade up to a Vinyl Express Q-Series professional vinyl cutter from SignWarehouse and receive 100% credit on the Vinyl Express R Series vinyl cutter you purchased through us.

When you want to trade up your SignWarehouse R Series vinyl cutter to a Q-Series vinyl cutter, simply follow the next few steps:

1. Purchase a Q-Series vinyl cutter from SIGNWarehouse of equal or greater size than the R Series Vinyl Cutter you previously purchased from us. You will have 365 days from the date printed on your original R Series vinyl cutter invoice, to purchase a Q-Series vinyl cutter through SignWarehouse.

2. Send SignWarehouse a copy of your original invoice from the R Series vinyl cutter purchased from us and a copy of the new Q-Series vinyl cutter. SignWarehouse will credit you 100% of what you originally paid for the R Series vinyl cutter - including shipping.

3. Send back your R Series vinyl cutter to SignWarehouse. Must be in working condition and properly packed in original box and packaging.

4. This program applies to the original owner only and is non-transferable.

5. This program may be discontinued or cancelled at any time by SignWarehouse. The eBay 100% Trade Up Program for the R Series vinyl cutters is available only on Q-Series Vinyl Cutters purchased from SignWarehouse. No phone-in orders for this program will be accepted.


4. 31" Vinyl Express R Series Vinyl Cutter & Stand

Vinyl Express R Series
What a machine! Powerful 500 grams of downforce so you can tackle a variety of jobs. Fast 24 inches-per-second cutting speed. Superior build quality offers tension-adjustable pinch rollers and a smooth-feeding media supply system.

Best of all, the R Series Value Vinyl Cutter is a Vinyl Express® cutter, arguably one of the most prestige based vinyl cutter lines in the world. If it says Vinyl Express®, you can be sure your vinyl cutter purchase will offer more value than any other brand in its class. Value like Technical Support. Value like a Knowledgeable Staff for Pre and Post sales questions. In fact the whole SignWarehouse company is standing behind you.

Many vinyl cutters wish they could wear the name Vinyl Express® but few earn that right. The R Series vinyl cutter has earned that right. So if you are looking for a value vinyl cutter, the R Series Value Vinyl Cutter is the one for you.

Superior Build Quality

Instead of injection-molded plastic stands and platens that other cutters use, R Series vinyl cutter is built from quality metal parts. That’s critical not only for the life of the equipment, but for cutting accuracy, which is most important.

When vinyl moves at cutter speed, the vinyl cutter’s rigidity is essential to tracking accuracy. With R Series, you’ll get superior quality in equipment AND cutting.

Advanced Vinyl Cutter Control Panel

Control Panel
Great vinyl cutters have one thing in common: Intuitive controls. R Series is no exception. Its large digital display is easy to read and has plain English descriptions instead of cryptic abbreviations. The on-plotter controls are extensive and easy to use and understand.

With R Series, getting at all its great features is a snap, which means you’ll be more productive every time you cut.

Tension-Adjustable Pinchrollers

Tension-adjustable pinch rollers
To cut costs, some vinyl cutters use vacuum
hold-downs instead of a center pinchroller. But vacuum systems don’t improve tracking and can even diminish tracking by interfering with the smooth travel of the media. (Critical to tracking accuracy.)

That’s why R Series vinyl cutter  has three
tension-adjustable pinchrollers. Reduce tension for thin materials or increase it for thick materials. It’s easy and delivers superb tracking accuracy on a wide range of sign and vehicle graphic films.


AccessoriesEvery R- Series vinyl cutter comes with: Power, USB and Serial Cables, Blade Holder, Pen Holder and Pen, Complete Drivers and Documentation CD, Spare Fuse and a Vinyl Cutter Dust Cover!

Smooth-Feeding Media Supply

The media supply rollers are just one of the ways you can see the quality difference between the R Series andother cutters offered on eBay. More importantly, they smoothly supply your media for tracking that is more accurate than other cutters, by far.

USB and Serial Connectivity

USB and Serial ConnectivityWith its on-board USB port you won't need adapters or other workarounds to connect your Vinyl Express R Series vinyl cutter to current generation desktop and laptop PCs. USB connection is accomplished through serial conversion.

R-31 Vinyl Cutter Specifications


Motor Type: Stepper Motor

Resolution: 1000 DPI

Max Cutting Width: 27.55" (700mm)

Repeatability(mm): 0.01

Max Feed Width: 31.49" (800mm)

Command: HPGL

Max Pressure (Downforce): 10-500 grams

Power: 120V

Pinch Rollers: 3

Included Software: Vinyl Experss LXi Apprentice (Windows)

Max cutting Speed: 24 inches per second

Warranty Duration: 1 Year

LCD Display: English

Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 32 & 64 bit systems

Interface: Serial, USB (USB connection is accomplished through serial conversion.)

Note: The R Series vinyl cutter is NOT Apple/Mac compatible

ShippingWhere do we ship?
At this time, SignWarehouse ships the R Series vinyl cutter package ONLY to the lower 48 contiguous states in the United States. 

Where do we NOT Ship?   We do NOT ship to or accept payments from Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US territories and protectorates of any other country.  We do NOT ship to APO/FPO addresses, or PO Boxes.


How do we ship?
* We ship FedEx Ground or UPS Ground in the lower 48 contiguous states. After the cutter is shipped, tracking numbers are automatically provided in shipment notification emails.  Note: Adult Signature is required by UPS or FedEx.
* We do not allow local pickup.
*We ship only to verified addresses (the address associated with your Credit Card account). No exceptions!
* We do not offer rush shipping or ship collect or third-party billing.

When do we ship?
* We ship Monday-Friday, excluding major US holidays.
* Packages generally ship within 3 business days of payment receipt.
* Exceptions: Backordered items ship immediately upon availability. You will be notified if your item is unavailable. At that time you will be given an estimated time of arrival and the option to receive a refund. We will contact you in the event your shipment is delayed by more than a week.

What tech support options do I have?
SignWarehouse offers several types of tech support:

A. All R 31 Series Vinyl Cutters come with a 1-800 Toll Free Premium Support Package for 14 days*. PSPs include live toll-free call-in help, priority email response, live chat regarding tech issues and remote desktop assistance. Remote desktop assistance is a service whereby, with your permission, our technical support technicians can take over your computer and implement necessary changes and fixes.

B. For one of the fastest ways to solve any problems, you can go to our web site at:
http://rsupport.signwarehouse.com/  (Click, copy/paste or type this link in your browser.) This link will allow you to check our extensive data base of problems and solutions instantly 24/7.

C. Or, for problems that are unique or hard to describe over the phone without a lot of details, you can fill out a support ticket at this link: http://my.signwarehouse.com/default.aspx? dest=tickets&type=ts (Click, copy/paste or type this llnk in your browser)  When you submit this online form, your information will be sent directly to our support department. You will usually be contacted via email.

* If you require a Premium Support Package (PSP) past the 14 days, you can select from the following options that best suite your needs: (a)Per incident 1hr / $29, (b)30 days unlimited / $69, (c)60 days unlimited / $99, (d)90 days unlimited / $149. In addition, extended PSPs can be purchased at any time while the equipment is under warranty. 

Who is the typical R Series Value Vinyl Cutter customer?


There are several good reasons why someone chooses to purchase a R Series Value Vinyl Cutter, the number one reason is that you are just starting out in business, with limited funds and just want to get conserve your cash, get started and see if it all works out. The second most common reason is that your business just needs vinyl letters from time to time and to save money, you want to cut them yourself. And then you want a vinyl cutter for personal reasons and last but not least, you simply don’t have the funds to purchase a Pro model at this time. If the above reasons sound like your reasons, then the R Series Value Vinyl Cutter is right for you. Now if you are planning or needing to cut vinyl on a regular basis or all the time, then we would recommend that you look at our Q-Series Vinyl Cutter. Oh, and one other reason you might look at a R Series Vinyl Cutter  is that, they are also perfect for a backup vinyl cutter if you have a lot of overflow work or if your main vinyl cutter is in for servicing.


Do we charge sales tax?
Sales tax will only be charged to residents of Texasand Kentucky.
Payment of these charges is the sole responsibility of the bidder/buyer and is not the responsibility of SIGNWarehouse.

What is our defective merchandise policy?
* We will exchange/replace defective merchandise after we receive the item back. Cost of shipping equipment back to our location is the  sole responsibility of the customer. No refunds or credits.
* Defective on Arrival situation must be noticed and reported to SignWarehouse within 15 days after delivery.
* Returns must have all original packaging and accessories.
* RMA number is required for all returns.  Vinyl Cutters  without an RMA will be refused. Please call us before you return the item.
* Units returned and found not to be defective will be returned at buyer expense.

What if there is another problem?
Every effort is made to ensure you have a positive eBay buying experience. However, there may be times when you may need to contact us for assistance. If you experience a problem, please contact our Customer Service department at 1-800-699-5512. Please note that eBay assistance is available Mon-Fri 8am to 3pm CST.
NOTE: Occasionally, contents of packages may vary slightly from those pictured and stated here, due to changes in manufacturers' specifications or merchandising. Please check the product information carefully as items not included may no longer be required. In addition, items may differ slightly in packaging, color or other details due to manufacturing updates and changes that are out of our control.

Sign Warehouse
We’ve sold thousands upon thousands of vinyl cutters over the past 3 decades. SignWarehouse is an industry leader in vinyl cutting, digital color printing, custom apparel decoration and laser engraving. We are a real brick-and-mortar business that started in 1982 with deep roots in a family-owned and operated sign making business since the mid- 1960’s. Understanding what it takes to start up and sustain a viable company, SignWarehouse stands ready to help you with its proven track record, trustworthiness, and solid reputation.
Sign Warehouse

Our 85,000+ sq. ft. facility was designed with customer service in mind. It offers the convenience of three large demo rooms, a reception area with break room and bathrooms, and a pick-up desk for orders. Large warehouse space is intended to assure product availability. Streamlined warehouse operations also translate into smart order fulfillment. State-of-the-art equipment testing stations ensure that the vinyl cutters, color printers and engravers are operational and ready to go when you receive them. A friendly staff of sales representatives, customer service and technical support teams standing ready to assist when you have questions or issues.
Sign Warehouse

SignWarehouse’s extensive partnerships with vinyl cutter equipment, software and supply companies make for the best selection of quality products at the best possible price. Our volume buying power and our history of a hands-on understanding of sign making are only some of the reasons we offer the best value.  So, while we can’t speak for other companies selling ‘similar’ items on eBay, we can speak about our commitment to quality and service. What that means is that we won’t sell a product with our name on it if it isn’t worthy. And we won’t sell a product without living up to the warranty behind it. It just wouldn’t make good business sense to do otherwise!

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review: 4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5 6 Reviews
Write an online review and share your thoughts with others.

4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5 R31 Great Cutter for the Money!, 9.7.2011
Reviewer: Joseph Layne (Denton, NC)

I have used this cutter for a while now, and I have done everything from very large signs, to very small detailed decals. It has performed wonderfully. The only issue I have found is in the software, If it starts to act up I have to reload the drivers, and away we go again. Other than that I wouldn't replace it for a 2,500.00 cutter any time. Great for the money!


5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Good cutter for the money!, 2.9.2011
Reviewer: Rick Smith - RK Graffix (casa grande, AZ)

Got this R31 cutter package a few months ago to cut stencils for my paint shop, works great once you learn the software. Cutter has made detailed air brushing and pinstriping quicker and easier than freehand work. Saves me time and money on small projects like helmets and cycle tins.


4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5 Really happy with the Vinyl Express R31!, 2.8.2011
Reviewer: James Maddux (Simi Valley, CA)

Had some trouble at first with cutting some very detailed vinyl pieces. All I did was slow down the cutting speed and has worked perfect. Program that comes with the bundle is very easy to use and has a very good online support. Seems to be very much worth the money. Only problem with it is its louder then some on the others out there, I can live with that.


4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5 R31 - Good Cutter - Average Software, 1.17.2011
Reviewer: NM ScreenPrinting (Grants, NM)

I was forced to replace a previous cutter (Roland GX24) but didn't have the money to replace with another Roland. I read the reviews and gambled with the Vinyl Express R31 cutter.

I have not been dissappointed. This machine cuts approximately 35 yards per week and has not faltered one bit. I did have a mechanical issue with the buttons recently and the customer service folks sent a new key pad quickly and got me back up and going in no time.

The apprentice software is not near as polished as the Roland CutStudio, IMHO, and it took quite a while to get proficient with it. I wonder if the other advanced versions of this software are more comparable with the Roland versions.

All in all, this machine was a great purchase and while it is only designed for the recreational user, we put it through it's paces and it keeps performing. Thanks Vinyl Express for a valuable machine at an attractive price.


4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5 Paid For It Self in One Job!, 6.5.2010
Reviewer: justin eclarin (hollister, CA)

The R31 was the first cutter we bought. We are a screenprinting company and wanted to expand into signs. Works great once you know what you're doing and paid for it self in one job. Hope sign warehouse keeps this cutter around... it's a winner!


View all 6 reviews


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