Special Offers for September 2014

Low Flat Rate & Later Same Day Shipping

Have we got a K I S S for you! (Keep It Simple Shipping) All September Long!
In case you missed it, we've taken a bold step toward earning and keeping your business. Our customers (that's you) know SIGNWarehouse always offers the industry's lowest prices. But now, we're teaming our lowest prices up with incredibly low $6.99 flat rate shipping. Based upon feedback, we've decided to use the K I S S (Keep It Simple Shipping) principle on our rates during September. By doing this, we've tried to remove the guesswork from buying from us.

Orders 40 lb* and under will be shipped by way of ground for one simple flat rate of $6.99 this month. Yup. With K I S S, it's one low rate to the lower 48 US states**.

No Minimums: Order as many items as you want. As long as it's 40 lb* and under, we won't care if you use our K I S S rate to order a box full of squeegees!

No Promo Codes: There's nothing extra you have to enter during online checkout or remember to tell your representative to get the special flat K I S S rate. You don't even have to hold your mouth just right!

No Online-Only Restriction: Yes, you can order online to get K I S S. But you can also call your order in and talk to a real human being. You'll get the same special rate. Our experienced representatives are happy to assist you to make the right decision. Like, 2mil or 3mil vinyl? Cast or calendered?

No Gimmicks: That's right. You don't have to order this to get that. Order whatever you want and use the K I S S special rate. We'll even let you order fluids, tapes, tools, and all that weird stuff.

LATER SAME DAY SHIPPING: Orders received before 5pm Central (6pm Eastern), Monday through Friday, will ship the same day (except holidays), except for circumstances beyond our control. (Like a tornado just leveled us.) Manufacturer drop shipments excluded.