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 Using LXi AutoTrap Function
Auto Trap
(Applies to all levels of VE Lxi** and Flexi)
Auto Trap is used when doing back lit signs, it allows for shrinkage of vinyl. This feature is used so when shrinkage happens there is no white outline left around the letters

1. Open your VE LXi software. Double click on the icon.

2. Then you are going to click on your Text tool, the T on the right hand side of your screen. 

3. Click in the middle of your screen, to drop the cursor. Type the text you want.

4. Give the Text and outline. Click Effects, then outline.

5. Set the settings for the outline you want. Make sure the with backing button is with backing.

6. Then click the green check to apply the outline.

7. Then go to your cut/plot screen. Click File, then cut/plot or click the knife next to the printer.

8. Go to your Advanced tab; Make sure Send all colors, pause between colors and the auto-trap are all selected. Auto-trap can not exceed 49% of the thickness of the letter. The normal percentage is 2 to 5% of the thickness of the letter. Knowing how much your vinyl shrinks and experience will help in this determination.

9. Then you will click send. 

**VE LXi Apprentice does not have the ability to create outlines. The outline has to be created in another program and imported into VE LXi Apprentice. The outline has to be created with backing.

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