SignLab 5.0 Features

Some of the new tools you'll find in SignLab version 5.0...

SignLab 5.0 gives you tools that provide:

A RIP in every package
Upgrade to version 5.0 and get Print and Cut features in any package. Once again, unlike some of the competition, we show loyalty to our customers by including new technology in our upgrades and not forcing you to spend thousands of dollars by purchasing high-end packages just to keep up.

Toll-Free Technical support
We continue to show our commitment to our customers by providing reliable, toll-free technical support to customers running current versions. Upgrade now and receive toll-free technical support by calling 888-SIGNLAB!! (applies to North American only)

Greater efficiency
With everything you need at your fingers, it's easy to get more work done!

Training available
A training video offers nearly eight hours of training on how to use SignLab to its fullest. Train all your staff quickly and easily!!

A training CD offers the same methods as the video but on-line.

More speed
Our tools are designed to work the way you do... saving time without cutting corners. That's working smarter, not harder.

More precision
Our tools are developed specifically to meet the needs of sign makers... which means more accuracy, attention to detail and ease of use.

Greater profitability
Do more and do it better, in less time! That adds up to greater profits. This upgrade will pay for itself in no time.

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