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PrismJET VJ24X: New & eXciting 6 & 8 Color Printing Applications

Here’s the webinar featuring the PrismJET VJ24X which shows the unique advantages of the this eco-solvent outdoor printer. In this webinar we’ll show you how the PrismJET VJ24X gives you…

  • The Benefits of Six and Eight Color Printing
  • Applications for White and Metallic Ink
  • Decals with a printer and cutter combo
  • New Ink Options Beyond White & Metallic

To see the PrismJET VJ24X, click this link.

Profitable Opportunities with the PrismJET VJ24 Printer

See what you can do using the PrismJET 628. This 24″ large format outdoor color printer is our most affordable and uses eco-solvent inks.

  • How to create durable T-shirt transfers for dark garments
  • How to create decals with a printer and cutter combo
  • Production advantages of a two machine Print & Cut system

To see the PrismJET VJ24 color printer, click this link.

Is an Integrated Printer/Cutter the Best Choice?

Thinking about buying an Integrated Printer/Cutter? Is it really faster? Find out what our tests have shown when placing an Integrated Printer/Cutter up against a bundled PrismJET Extra C Package from, which includes a PrismJET Extra Large Format Printer and a Vinyl Express Q-Series Vinyl Cutter. Who will win? Watch and find out.

PrismJET Extra Setup Videos

Need to review a setup process for your PrismJET Extra Printer? We have the Setup Videos here on SignWarehouse Television. You can also visit our Technical Support website for additional resources.