Logical Color GlitterSOFT

Logical Color GlitterSOFT is a premium flex heat transfer film or "T-shirt vinyl" intensely coated with a sparkling glitter-flake effect. GlitterSOFT delivers the dazzling look of traditional bling or glitter T-shirt vinyls with a softer hand and better stretch performance. It just feels better! Why? It's the latest generation of heat transfer film employing advanced technology.

  • GlitterSOFT is thinner than most glitter heat transfer film.
  • GlitterSOFT can be cut with a standard 45 degree blade.
  • GlitterSOFT can be multi-layered with other colors of GlitterSOFT.
  • GlitterSOFT applies to cotton, poly and poly/cotton fabrics, Lycra spandex and similar.