PrismJET VJ 64 Large Format Color Printer

The PrismJET VJ64 is our largest PrismJET printer to date and offers all the benefits of a full-sized 64" large format printer.
Like all of our PrismJET printers, the VJ64 is built around an advanced micro-piezo print head and patented wave print firmware that produces high resolution prints with no piezo banding, and amazing versatility.

What can you do with a PrismJET VJ64? Almost anything. It would be easier to list what you can't do. The short list includes indoor and outdoor banners, rollup banners, commercial storefront signage, industrial graphics, POP displays, fleet and custom vehicle graphics, vehicle, floor, and wall wraps, large format outdoor signage, backlit signs, apparel transfers...oh sorry, this was supposed to be the short list. Almost anything.