Tinting FAQ

TintTek 20/20 FAQ

Q: Do I need special training?
A: Tint Tek software has a very simple user interface and makes applying window tint film fast and easy. Anyone who can use a computer and a vinyl cutter can use Tint Tek software. To make it even easier, SignWarehouse does provide a free training video with each purchase.

Q: Can I use the software with any brand of vinyl cutter?
A: Tint Tek comes with drivers for all major brands of plotters. SignWarehouse recommends the Vinyl Express Q Series cutters and the Graphtec CE5000, FC7000, or FC8000 cutting plotters.

Q: Can I use the software with my 24 inch or 30 inch vinyl cutter?
A: Yes. Tint Tek supports rotating the templates so that vinyl cutters smaller than 42� can be used. For maximum versatility, the optimal plotter width will still be 42� or more so that templates for rear windows can be cut in one piece.

Q: Can I use Tint Tek with any window tint film or do I have to buy a particular brand?
A: Tint Tek can be used with any brand of window tint film.

Q: Do I have to download the templates every time I use the software?
A: Tint Tek 20/20 does not require downloading each template from the internet. The templates are already in the software and can be accessed without connecting to the internet. Tint Tek Online is an web based version that requires internet connection to access and use the software.

Q: What kind of blades should I use?
A: Since window tint film is very thin, the lower the degree angle of the blade, the better. Most vinyl cutters are shipped with 45o blades, which cut too deeply for optimal performance. For best results, use Tint Tek�s specially designed window tint blade. The Tint Tek Blade is designed specifically for Vinyl Express Q Series and Graphtec vinyl cutters and cannot be used in cutters that will not accept a Graphtec blade.

Q: Can I save the templates to my hard drive for future use?
A: Yes and No. When using Tint Tek 20/20, the templates are downloaded to the computer�s hard drive, making a constant internet connection unnecessary. But the dongle key must be installed in a usb port in order for the software to be used. The key will 12 months after initial installation and registration. After the key expires, the downloaded files and software will not be usable until the software license is renewed. With Tint Tek Online, the templates are stored in Tint Tek�s server and are not downloaded to the user�s pc.

Q: Do I have to pay a monthly access fee?
A: If you purchase Tint Tek 20/20, there is no additional monthly fee required to use the software. The $1,995.00 price covers unlimited usage for the entire first year with no additional fees. There is an annual renewal fee of $1,800 or $150/month. If you purchase Tint Tek Online, there is a monthly access fee required after the first 30days, but the initial investment is under $200.00. Choose the option that best fits your needs and budget.

Q: Do I have to pay the annual renewal fee?
A: If you purchase Tint Tek 20/20, there is a renewal fee due after the first 12 months of use. At the end of this time period, the software will not be usable until the license is renewed. Renewal can be done annually or monthly.

Q: How do I get updates for new vehicles?
A: Just open the software, connect to the internet, and select the Update Database function. New templates will be downloaded and installed. Updates are available continuously and appear in a scrolling window with the date added so users don�t have to use the download function to see what�s new.

Q: Does the software come from SignWarehouse?
A: Yes. The Tint Tek software will be shipped from SignWarehouse along with the vinyl cutters, training video�s and supplies. If not in stock, it may be drop-shipped from Tint Tek 20/20 in Ontario, CA.

Q: What are the system requirements?
A: Tint Tek 20/20 is compatible with Windows Operating systems from Win 98 through Vista. It requires a Pentium II processor or higher, 128 MB of RAM, 40 MB of Hard drive space, and Internet Explorer 4.0 or above. Tint Tek Online requires a high speed internet connection.

Q: Is it Mac compatible?
A: Unfortunately, there is not a Mac version of Tint Tek 2020 available, but it can be run on a Macintosh computer using a Windows simulator.

Q: Can I lease it?
A: Yes! The Vinyl Express Tint Tek packages can be leased for as little as $165.00/month **. That�s less than the average price of one tint job on a sedan!

Q: How do I register my Tint Tek software?

A: Registering Tint Tek 20/20: When you receive your Tint Tek 20/20 CD, follow the instructions below.

1) Install the USB dongle key in an open USB port on your pc.
2) Install the software.
3) Connect a compatible vinyl cutter to your pc.
4) Click on the green Cut icon and follow the instructions to load the proper driver for your vinyl cutter.
5) You are now ready to begin using Tint Tek 20/20

A: Registering Tint Tek Online: When you receive your Tint Tek Online package:

1) Install the software using the setup disc.
2) Open the software and click on Help.
3) From the drop down menu, click on About Tint Tek 2020 Online, and note the �Machine Serial No:� in the bottom of the window.
4) Call Tint Tek 2020 at 877-483-5200 and give the operator the machine serial number. You will then be provided with a username and password.
5) Logon using your new username and password.
6) You are now ready to begin using Tint Tek Online.

* Tint Tek blade is only compatible with vinyl cutters that accept a Graphtec .09U blade.
** 60 month lease with approved credit