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What's New with the PrismJET VJ and Mutoh Value Jet?

The PrismJET V and Mutoh ValueJet features best in class quality and productivity,
reasonable pricing, compact design, and is environmentally conscious.
New Technologies include:

  • New Epson Print Head
    -1440 nozzle (180 nozzle x 8 line)
  • Sub Bag (Tank) System
    - For PrismJet V 64" or Mutoh ValueJet 1604
  • Intelligent Interweave Print

Three new ways the PrismJET VJ or Mutoh ValueJet ensures image quality

Intelligent Interweave Print

Inteligent Interwave Print Technology

The ValueJet lays down ink using an interweaving pattern virtually eliminates
horizontal banding typically associated with Bi-D printing and enriches colors.
*The printing speed differs from that of normal printing technique.

Variable Dot Technology

Variable Dot Technology

Droplets of varying size (large, medium, small) deliver naturally smooth and dot-free toned graphics.

Three Way Heater

Three individually controlled heaters

  • Pre-Heater (30 - 50°) under the rear paper guide for media smoothing
  • Platen Heater (30 - 50°) under the heads for dot fixation and dot gain control
  • Dry Heater (30 - 50°) under the front paper guide for post fixation and optimum media drying


PrismJet VJ 48"

3 Way Heater Technology 48"


64" Mutoh ValueJet 1604

3 Way Heater Technolgy

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