Laser Engraving Glass

Since the composition and quality of glass varies widely, it's always best to experiment with an unfamiliar glass source. But, generally speaking, flat glass tends to have a very consistent hardness throughout. Engraved areas will generally not yield lighter and darker areas.

Bottles on the other hand, tend to have soft and hard spots. This may cause one engraved area to appear lightly frosted yet heavily frosted in another. Engraving using medium and high power will compensate somewhat for this as will doing two or more engraving passes. And although the laser beam itself is very hot, the heat does not build up easily and should not prevent you from engraving full bottles of wine, champagne or other filled glass bottles. Laser engraving filled bottles is a very popular method of creating custom presentations for special occasions and the laser will not damage the liquid inside the bottle. Just remember, as long as you are not completely engraving away large sections of the bottle, you have very little chance of breaking the bottle. Enjoy!