Laser Engraving Software

A variety of easy-to-use yet powerful sign making software programs for routing and engraving are available. You can now bring open architecture to the desktop design station. With the ability to rout or laser engrave text and graphics, you'll be able to create signs, awards, souvenirs, and rubber stamps or do metal marking and serialization. Output to most of the latest engravers and rotary machines, including three dimensional devices. See what you can do!

Laser Master 8 Engraving Software


laser master 2 laser engraving software
  • Step and Repeat: Auto Substitute Text with Serialization
  • Fit Text to Path
  • Auto Kerning/ Constant Text Stretching
  • Alignment / Scaling, Sizing, Flip (vertical, horizontal, 90º)
  • Clip Art Preview
  • Customizable & Lockable Tool Bar
  • Dimensioning, Measure and Add Labels/ Clipping-Masking
  • Grids & Guides (vertical, horizontal)
  • Scan Tools/ Bitmap Select (lasso, marquee, magic wand)
  • Instant Shape Tools /Text
    Viewer/Weld/Fuse/Cut Out
  • Common/Exclude Common
  • On-Screen Spell Check
  • PDF Export
  • 1200 Fonts Included

Nesting - Nesting helps you to save material by allowing you to put as many objects in one space as possible.

Fit text to path allows you to set your text along any line that you make. When used in conjunction with the custom shape tools, you may set your path to a circle, triangle, square, etc.

Using the same method as badge making, serialization becomes a vital part of your company's production. Simply choose a starting number and what increment you will be using, the software does the rest.

Featuring Step and Repeat and Serialization. Make badges in just four easy steps! 1) make one badge, 2) Choose "Step and Repeat", 3) Select the number of badges, 4) Click the check box.