Roland EGX-300 Rotary Engraver

Roland EGX-300 Rotary Engraver
  • Price-performance breakthrough
  • Convenient, 12-by-9-inch work area
  • Spindle speed up to15,000 RPM
  • Feature rich engraving software included
  • Quick, one-button re-plotting for multiple copies
  • 1 MB data buffer
  • Front cover with pause-interlock switch
    for safe and quiet operation
  • Read what you can do!
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Mid Level Engraver - Roland EGX-300
Rotary Engraver

Code: EN-R-EGX-300
Price: $4395

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Roland LogoRoland's innovative EGX-300 offers professional engraving at a very attractive price. All functions have been carefully engineered to facilitate user-friendly operation, while providing first-rate capabilities. The EGX-300's proven technology, functionality and versatility combine to make it the most advanced computerized engraving system available at
its price. See Specifications


Price-Performance Breakthrough
The EGX-300 combines speed, precision and power in an economical, desktop format. It’s perfect for scribing brass for trophies and awards, or cutting light acrylics and plastic for nametags, nameplates and more. It even produces ADA signage.

Compact Performer
The EGX-300’s 12-by-9-inch work area, small footprint and enclosed environment allow it to handle a wide range of jobs right from the desktop.

Engrave and scribe on a wide variety of light duty materials. Compatible materials include plastic, acrylics and even light metals such as brass and aluminum.

Software Included
All Roland engravers come with Dr. Engrave software. Dr. Engrave has an automatic layout function for importing Excel and CSV database files for faster engraving of name tags and nameplates. Dr. Engrave quickly and automatically lays out jobs to fit material in the most efficient way possible. Another key Dr. Engrave feature is its ability to convert Windows TrueType fonts into single line fonts for optimal engraving. You also get MODELA 3D TEXT and Virtual MODELA along with Dr. Engrave with each Roland rotary engraver.

Tools Included
With the EGX-300, users have a variety of tool choices right out of the box. You have the option of using an industry standard 1/8-inch and 11/16-inch tool size, plus the ability to use a diamond drag tool. Additionally, top- and bottom-loading collets support a wide variety of industry standard tool choices.


Table Size
12” x 9” 305 mm x 230
Max Cutting Area
12” x 9” x 1.18” 305 mm (X) x 230 mm (Y) x 30mm
Feed Rate
X, Y-axis : Max. 141 in. /min. Z-axis : Max. 70.8 in. /min.
Software Resolution
SOFTWARE RESOLUTION 0.00394 in. (0.01 mm) /step or 0.000984 in. (0.025 mm ) /step (XY axis only)
Mechanical Resolution
X, Y and Z-axis : 0.0000492 in. (0.00125 mm) /step
(micro-step control)
Spindle Motor
30 W (DC motor)
Revolution Speed
5,000 to 15,000 RPM
Tool chuck
Cutter holder and collet
Parallel (in compliance with the specification of Serial (under RS-232C standard)
Buffer Size
1 MB (960 Kbyte for replot buffer)
Instruction System
CAMM-GL I (mode1, mode2)
Power Consumption
1.8 A / 117 V 0.9 A / 220 to 230 V 0.9 A / 230 to 240
Acoustic Noise Level
VDuring no-load operation : 70 dB (A) or less Standby mode : 30 dB (A) or less (According to ISO )7779
External Dimensions
23 9/16" x 21 1/2" x 14 1/16 (598 mm (W) x 545 mm (D) x 357 mm) When cover is open: 23 9/16 x 21 1/2" x 27" )598 mm (W) x 545 mm (D) x 685 mm)
62.8 lb. (28.5 kg)
Operation Temperature
41 to 104 F (5 to 40 C)
Operation Humidity
35 to 80 % (no condensation)
Power cord: 1, Depth regulator nose: 1, Character cutter 3.175 mm (with Cutter Holder) : 1, Wrenches: 2, Collet (for 4.36 mm) : 1, Collet (for 3.175 mm): 1, Hexagonal screw driver: 1, Hexagonal wrench: 1, Spare tool securing screw: 1, Adhesive sheet: 1, Clamps: 3, Vacuum adapter set: 1, Motor brushes : 2, User's manual: 1, Roland Software Package CD-ROM: 1