EnduraTex FLEX Garment Transfer Heat Press Film

EnduraTex FLEX Heat Transfer Film for Custom Garment DecorationJust Imagine: One film that does it all! Now you can apply this one film onto nylon, polyester, cotton, leather, wool, lycra, neoprene, spandex* and still have the most ultra-soft touch film that's so soft and cozy after application, your hand can hardly feel it. That's enduraTex FLEX.

Incredible stretch & rebound, extremely durable, no cracking or puffing. Thinnest film available at only 55–65 microns thick, half of some popular films!

Perfect for small lettering, logos and fine details. This cuttable film can be multi-layered with other enduraTEX FLEX films for outstanding effects. Superior-Looking Matte Finish Film
Matte finish (except glossy gold & silver) looks like screen-printing!

EnduraTex FLEX T-Shirt and Garment Heat Transfer Film - ONE Film for ALL Fabrics!

One Garment Transfer Film Does It ALL!

• 2.2 mil universal Polyurethane heat transfer film for all fabrics.
• Very soft film with great stretch and rebound characteristics.
• Suitable for cotton, polyester, acrylic, Lycra spandex, nylon, canvas, and blended garments.
• Ideal for small detailed graphics
• Excellent opacity on dark fabric
• Superior washability
• Wash Instructions:
Machine wash inside out in cool/warm temperature, line dry.
• Application instructions: Cut reverse image, weed excess film. Preheat garment for 2 seconds, Press with medium pressure for 10 seconds @ 260 - 310°F. Peel cold. For sensitive fabrics, use lower temperature (225° or higher).

20" x 5 yards (15 ft.) = 25 sq. ft. That's only $1.60 per sq. ft!

20" x 10 yards (30 ft.) = 50 sq. ft. That's only $1.60 per sq. ft!

Available in 26 Popular Colors

EnduraTex FLEX Color Chart

The advanced enduraTex FLEX line of heat transfer film is a cuttable film that can be applied ontovirtually any fabric. Itis a universal solution that features the softest and coziest film to the touch, wash after wash. Unleash your creative genius with this 'dream' material. You'll agree that nothing comes close to it! Kozy the Bear says enduraTex FLEX is so good it has his paw of approval.

It's all-weather and for all sports, casual, promotional and business wear. Production friendly - easy to cut, weed and apply. You can even embroider over it.

Kozy the Bear says, “Nothing comes close to enduraFLEX. Heat transfer materials so universal, so ultra-soft and cozy, you have my paw of approval!”


* We suggest you always test a small piece of any film on any fabric before committing to its use. Not for teflon and silicone coated materials.