Heat Press T Shirt & Garment Decoration Equipment Packages

Vinyl Cutter and Color Printer Heat Press Packages for T Shirt Printing, Rhinestone Decoration, & More
a heat press is used to produce custom t shirts, gift items, mugs and more

What is heat press technology? A heat press is an industrial device used in digital decoration of garments, gifts, and textiles. Thermal transfer technologies use heat and pressure to apply color to textiles and substrates. Once the transfer is applied, these images are generally washfast and durable.

SIGNWarehouse offers 40 different value-packed digital equipment packages for heat press transfer of custom and short run t shirts, rhinestone decoration, dye sublimation, and laser transfer shirts and graphics. No one gives you more ways to start a profitable business selling custom apparel, gifts and specialty items.
Choose from the four categories below to start your journey toward success and fulfilment in digital decoration.
T Shirt Vinyl Graphic Tees Rhinestone Decoration Sawgrass T Shirt Printing GO UNO Laser Transfer

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T Shirt Vinyl: Heat presses are used with CAD adhesive backed film, also known as t shirt vinyl, to apply spot color graphics created with a vinyl cutter and vector software. The color of the film used determines the color of the applied graphic. Heat transfer film with metallic or reflective properties can be used to achieve stunning effects not possible with digital printing processes.

T shirt making with vinyl cutters produces a wide variety of decorated apparel including youth league team tees, funny t shirts, and custom fashion wear. A plotter and heat press package is great for creating cheap t shirts, and ideal for staring a "design your own t shirt" web-based business.
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T shirt printed with ChromaBlast ink, then decorated with rhinestoens

Rhinestone Decoration: A similar process to create "bling" T shirts shirts with hot-fix rhinestones. Rhinestones can be applied with a custom rhinestone setter, a rotary engraver, or a vinyl cutter. Using a vinyl cutter is the most economical method for making rhinestone appliqués.

Vector software and a cutter are used to create the pattern and cut holes in stencil film into which the rhinestones are placed. Then hot-fix acrylic tape is used to transfer the rhinestone pattern to the garment. The rhinestone transfer is adhered to the shirt using a heat press. The end result is a very appealing-- and profitable-- rhinestone or "bling" tee shirt. Click here to view a step by step tutorial of the process.
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What is sublimation? Dye sublimation is one of the oldest heat transfer printing technologies. Dye sublimation printers are generally ink jet printers with Dye sub ink replacing the OEM inks. A dye sublimation printer can range in size from a 64" large format printer to an inexpensive desktop color printer. Once the dye sublimation ink is installed, it can be used to print images on transfer paper.
Then the transfer is placed on a polyester shirt and heated in a heat press to about 400°F. The ink dyes the polyester apparel creating a permanently washfast image. Sublimation is also used to decorate hard surfaces or sublimation blanks that have been treated with a polymer coating. Sublimation as a t shirt printing method generally only works well on white or pastel polyester shirts.
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Laser transfers: The laser transfer process is similar to sublimation, but instead of ink, toner is applied using a laser printer and transfer paper. Special self weeding or weedless laser transfer papers can be used to transfer the printed image to shirts of any fabric or color. Different papers can also be used to decorate uncoated hard surface items like Plexiglas, brushed metal, and ceramic mugs and steins.

The other major advantage to laser transfers is the ability to decorate colored and dark garments with special two step self weeding papers.
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