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Sawgrass ChromaBlast systems for digital decoration of white & pastel cotton garments.

Overview: ChromaBlast and RICOH Gelsprinter technology

If you're looking for a mid-price, high speed, cotton garment decoration system that's reliable and economical, the Gx7000 ChromaBlast-R package may be just what you need. The RICOH Gx7000's gelsprinter technology provides for longer periods of uninterrupted printing due to fewer clogs and less frequent refills. The 60-68ml ink cartridges hold almost five times as much ink as comparably priced inkjet printers. Coupled with Sawgrass vivid, washfast, ChromaBlast-R inks, the Gx7000 is an excellent choice for the digital entrepreneur looking for a cost effective entry into full color garment decoration.

RICOH Gx7000 features:

  • Advanced piezo print head producing resolutions up to 3,600 x 1,200 dpi.
  • Gel based inks for clog-free printing.
  • High speed printing: up to 137 sheets per hour.
  • Handles sheets up to 13" x 19".
  • High volume paper tray holds up to 250 sheets.
  • High capacity ink cartridges: no need for bulk ink systems.
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Possibilities, Productivity & Profit

ChromaBlast is Sawgrass solution to the limitations of dye sublimation. Sublimation is a wonderful technology for creating soft, durable, custom imprinted garments, but it only works with polyester. Customers want the brilliance and durability of dye inks on a more breathable, more comfortable, natural fiber. ChromaBlast gives them what they want. And, since cotton T-shirts are less expensive than polyester shirts, ChromaBlast also gives garment decorators a very profitable product.
ChromaBlast Markets
ChromaBlast shirts can be sold off the rack in specialty apparel stores, or created as custom garments from customer-supplied digital photos, or created and sold on-site at fairs, festivals, races as unique, memorable-- and profitable-- souvenirs. Whether sold in low quantities or as one-off custom garments ChromaBlast decorated apparel is a great way to tap into the growing custom apparel market.
Supplement to Screen Printing
Unlike screen print, ChromaBlast is part of a digital workflow. The designed image can be sent from any graphic design platform through the Sawgrass ChromaBlast driver directly to the printer resulting in a simple process that can be completed in minutes. No color separation, no screens, no messy inks, no cleanup! Just design it, print it, press it and collect the profit.
Value-added Supplement to Embroidery
Embroidery shops can add cotton decoration to expand their customers' options and add profitable accents to embroidered garments. Adding cotton decoration can also give embroidery businesses a less costly product line for their customers that can broaden the customer base and increase sales. If you're an embroiderer currently outsourcing printed apparel, adding a ChromaBlast system will enable you to bring that business "in-house" and maximize your margins.

ChromaBlast cost, profit, and R.O.I. Estimates:

  Average Material Cost   Average Potential Profit
  • Average cotton shirt cost: $1.25
  • Average ink cost (8" x 10"): $1.12**
  • Average paper cost: 75¢
  • Total cost per shirt: $3.12
  • Average selling price: $10.00-$20.00
  • Gross Profit per shirt: $6.88 or more.
  • Production of just 20 shirts per day can generate 100% return on investment in less than three weeks!
  ** Image cost and print speed estimates are provided for platform comparison purposes only. Results will vary and depend on many variables including image size, coverage, transfer media, substrate, color management settings etc.. Sample image is approximately 8" x 10" with approximately 50% ink coverage.
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RICOH Gx7000 ChromaBlast-R equipment packages


Gx7000 ChromaBlast-R: Basic Package


Gx7000 ChromaBlast-R: Intermediate Package

  • RICOH Gx7000 Gelsprinter
  • Hanes T-Shirt Maker Plus garment clip art
  • Set of CMYK Gx7000 ChromaBlast-R ink cartridges
  • 100 11" x 17" sheets of ChromaBlast paper
  • Sawgrass ChromaBlast Gx7000 PowerDriver
  • RICOH Gx7000 Gelsprinter
  • Geo Knight JetPress JP14 swing away heat press
  • Hanes T-Shirt Maker Plus garment clip art
  • Set of CMYK Gx7000 ChromaBlast-R ink cartridges
  • 100 11" x 17" sheets of ChromaBlast paper
  • Sawgrass ChromaBlast Gx7000 PowerDriver


Package Price: $1499.00   Package Price: $1,949.00


Gx7000 ChromaBlast-R: Complete Package


Gx7000 ChromaBlast-R: Deluxe Package

  • RICOH Gx7000 Gelsprinter
  • Geo Knight JetPress JP14 swing away heat press
  • LXi EXPERT vector graphic design software
  • Elements of Style contemporary garment templates
  • Hanes T-Shirt Maker Plus garment clip art
  • Set of CMYK Gx7000 ChromaBlast-R ink cartridges
  • 100 11" x 17" sheets of ChromaBlast paper
  • Sawgrass ChromaBlast Gx7000 PowerDriver
  • RICOH Gx7000 Gelsprinter
  • Geo Knight DK20-AR automatic clamshell heat press
  • LXi Master Plus vector graphic design software
  • Elements of Style contemporary garment templates
  • Hanes T-Shirt Maker Plus garment clip art
  • Case of 72 Hanes Beefy T's™ white cotton T-shirts
  • Set of CMYK Gx7000 ChromaBlast-R ink cartridges
  • 100 11" x 17" sheets of ChromaBlast paper
  • Sawgrass ChromaBlast Gx7000 PowerDriver
  Package Price: $2,549.00   Package Price: $3,499.00

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RICOH Gx7000 SubliJet RICOH e3300N ChromaBlast RICOH e3300N SubliJet  
for white cotton, polyester, & sublimated specialty items for small white cotton garments for small, white cotton, polyester, & sublimated specialty items  
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RICOH Gx7000 Specifications

  Class Production
  Maximum Media Size 13" x 19”
  Prints / Hour** Up to 137
  Ink Set CMYK
  Color Management ChromaBlast-R PowerDriver with ColorSure Palette
  Maximum Resolution 3,600 x 1,200 dpi
  Media Tray 250 Sheets
  Ink Delivery System High-Capacity Cartridges. Black capacity = 68ml. MYK cartridges hold 60ml.
  Options 100 Sheet Multi-Bypass Tray
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Support for RICOH Printers and Sawgrass inks

SignWarehouse customers purchasing RICOH ChromaBlast-R and SubliJet-R systems can expect support immediately from Sawgrass and ultimately from Sawgrass and SignWarehouse.  Sawgrass now works directly with end users to handle all technical support issues regarding RICOH printers using Sawgrass inks. Customers are encouraged to contact Sawgrass Technical Support to receive troubleshooting advice and if warranted, printer replacement.

If support is unavailable from Sawgrass Technologies, assistance will also be available from SignWarehouse on or after August 31st, 2010. Please reference the information below to access Sawgrass or SignWarehouse support resources.

ChromaBlast-R Quickstart and Installation Guides for RICOH Gx7000
  Quick start setup tips:  
  • Do not install the RICOH OEM ink cartridges when setting up your printer. Follow the instructions in the setup documents below to ensure a quick and easy start to your RICOH ChromaBlast experience.
  • If you use the RICOH driver CD that comes with your Gx7000, you will be asked to download the latest printer firmware after installing the driver. To save a step, you may want to simply download and install the most recent driver from RICOH instead. A link to the driver is provided below for your convenience.
  Getting Started Guide RICOH Gx7000 ChromaBlast-R Installation Guide.
  Download Sawgrass Gx7000 ChromaBlast Drivers Sawgrass GX7000 Setup Videos
  Sawgrass Technologies Support SignWarehouse Support

Monday - Friday: 8:30 AM to 7:00 PM EST Hours:

Monday - Friday, 7AM - 11PM CST

Saturday, 9AM - 4PM CST

Sunday, 1 - 5PM CST

  Toll Free Phone: 1-888-253-1679 Toll Free Phone: 1-800-966-1783
  E-mail: [email protected] E-mail: [email protected]
  Online Resources ChromaBlast Support Documents Online Resources SignWarehouse knowledge base
    Tech Support Request Form   SignWarehouse Blog
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FAQ for RICOH Gx7000 ChromaBlast-R System

Q: What is the difference between the Gx7000 and an Epson R1900?
A: RICOH's Gelsprinter technology uses a gel based ink instead of an aqueous formula used by most other inkjet manufacturers. The result is a significant reduction in clogged nozzles and therefore, better productivity.
Q: Is there a bulk ink option for the Gx7000?
A: No. The Gx7000's 60 to 68ml ink cartridges are almost five times larger than the standard 13ml cartridges used in the Epson R1900, so a bulk ink system was deemed unnecessary.
Q: What are the recommended heat press settings for ChromaBlast?
A: Press at 375°F for 40 seconds with 60lbs of pressure.
Q: I've heard there's a tangible residue left on the shirt. What is this and how do I get rid of it?
A: The ChromaBlast paper does leave a slightly yellow tangible residue on the garment at the time of the initial transfer. This will wash out when the garment is laundered. To make sure the residue comes out in the wash, do these two things as soon as the heat press cycle is complete. Peel the ChromaBlast paper from the shirt, and stretch the garment.
Q: What is the approximate print cost? How many shirts does a set of cartridges produce?
A: Print costs will vary greatly depending on image size, ink saturation levels and the object printed. As noted above, a typical 8" x 10" graphic with 50% ink coverage costs only about $1.12 to print.  Not all images use the same amount of ink. And the Power Driver includes options for different levels of color saturation to assist in color management.  The choice of saturation levels will affect ink usage and therefore, the number of shirts produced from a single cartridge. 
Q: Can I print on other fabrics, or is it limited to cotton only?
A: ChromaBlast was developed specifically for cotton shirts. The unique chemical properties of the ChromaBlast ink and paper combine to seal the image to cotton fibers. Application on cotton/polyester blends will result in reduced washfastness. Application on polyester and acrylic is not recommended.
Q: Can I use ChromaBlast-R cartridges in my own ink jet printer?
A: Because the Sawgrass ChromaBlast-R inks require the use of the Power Driver, these inks can only be used in printers for which Sawgrass has drivers.
Q: Can I decorate black or dark-colored shirts with ChromaBlast ink?
A: ChromaBlast is only suitable on white or pastel (light colored) cotton garments. For dark shirt decoration, either a white adhesive backed ink jet media such as EnduraTex DarkJET, a screen printer, or a white ink enabled direct to garment print system is required.
Q: What type of computer system will I need to get the optimum output from the RICOH Gx7000?
A: For optimum performance, Sawgrass Technologies recommends a Pentium Dual Core Processor with a speed of 3.0 GHz or higher.  One gigabyte of RAM is the minimum amount of memory. However, 2GB or more of RAM are recommended to process larger documents with high quality settings. Greater than 1 GB of free hard drive space is required for proper file management and software operation. The ChromaBlast-R Gx7000 driver is compatible with 32 and 64-bit Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. 
Q: What paper sizes does the Gx 7000 support?
A: The RICOH x7000 can print on envelopes and standard letter (8.5" x 11"), legal (8,5" x 14"), B (11" x 17" and Super B size paper (13” x 19”).  True Pix Classic transfer paper is available in 8.5" x 11", 11" X 17", and 13" x 19" sheets, and 13" x 100 foot rolls.

What is the ink configuration of the Gx7000 ChromaBlast-R system?

A: Both the RICOH Gx7000 and Gxe3300N printers are four color process printers using a standard CMYK ink set.
Q: Who should use the Gx7000 ChromaBlast-R solution?
A: The RICOH Gx7000 ChromaBlast-R cotton decoration system is designed for customers who wish to start garment decoration with a reliable but economical high volume print platform, or who already have a smaller system and need something that will increase productivity. The system is also ideal for current users of older or smaller Epson based systems whose printers are ready to be replaced.  The CMYK gamut of the RICOH printers may not be ideal for users desiring a wide range of specifically matched colors including deep blues and vivid reds. For more information about how color space should be considered when choosing a garment decoration system, please click here or visit the SignWarehouse Blog. 
Q: Can I use this system on an Apple Mac?

Yes you can! Sawgrass now offers MAC profiles for OS 10.5 and later computers. Refer to the drivers link above to download the profiles for your Apple device.