52 in Mutoh ValueCut Vinyl Cutter and Stand


Shipping Weight: 134.00 lbs.

52 in Mutoh ValueCut Vinyl Cutter and Stand
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Product Details: 52 in Mutoh ValueCut Vinyl Cutter and Stand


Mutoh's ValueCut Multi-Purpose Cutting Plotter line offers all the functionality required by professional sign makers:

- Traditional vinyl cutting for lettering jobs
- Contour cutting of pre-printed stickers 
- Cut through feature for the creation of individual stickers

Printing and cut simultaneously.
Paired with a Mutoh ValueJet or VE PrismJET printer, you can save hours printing and cutting with our combo over doing it on one of those all-in-one machines. There are many advantages to utilizing a separate printer and cutter workflow, including the ability to print and cut at the same time so one operation does not stop the other. 

Three models to choose from: ValueCut 600 – 24", ValueCut 1300 – 52” and ValueCut 1800 – 72".
Three models to choose from to meet your production work flow and requirements.

ValueCut offer the finest cutting quality with excellent tracking.
Multi-segment aligning allows you to cut jobs longer than you ever thought possible.

Low maintenance.

Easy to install and operate.
ValueCut are the easiest cutters to operate with our bounding box alignment process; this saves you valuable time on every project you print.

Multi-purpose cutting.
Sign cutting, lettering, contour cutting, decals and cut through.

Built to last, featuring Mutoh’s outstanding craftsmanship and rugged construction.
Mutoh cutters are renowned for being carefully crafted to rigorous standards for years of profitable use.


ValueCut 600, 1300 and 1800 Applications:

Traditional Vinyl Cutting for Lettering Jobs – ValueCut handles the cutting of solid color logos or lettering from vinyl for vehicles, walls, windows, etc. with ease and precision.

Contour Cutting of Pre-printed Stickers – With multi-segment alignment, the ValueCut line is perfect for pre-printed stickers. With its ability to cut exceptionally long runs and handle big jobs without separating the run into multiple small sheets ValueCut can boost your productivity. ValueCut are exceptionally easy to operate making this process even quicker to save you valuable time on each job.

Cut Through Feature for the Creation of Individual Stickers – Quickly and conveniently turn long runs of stickers into individual stickers without having to manually separate them.

Contents & Specs
ValueCut 1300
Max. Media Width (roll & sheet):
Max Sheet-Off Width:
Cutting Range:

Max. Epos Measurement Width:
Max. Spped / Acceleration:
60.6" (diagonal) /3 G (4.2 G digonal)
Cutting Force / Media Thickness:
5 - 600 g /Max.1 mm
Stand + Wheels:
Basket, Roll-off system for pre-printed rolls
Media Drive Mechanism:
Micro-grit friction feed / Digital control servo motor
Cutting Principle/ Blade Types:
Drag knife / 30o -45o -60o tungsten carbide blades
± 0.1 mm within a media moving frame of 4 metres
Interface / Input Buffer:
USB 2.0 / 40 MB
Graphic Language:
Power Requirments:
100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 100 Watt
2 years
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