Clearance Cutter - Vinyl Express Q54 Vinyl Cutter w/Stand


Shipping Weight: 150.00 lbs.

Clearance Cutter - Vinyl Express Q54 Vinyl Cutter w/Stand
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Product Details: Clearance Cutter - Vinyl Express Q54 Vinyl Cutter w/Stand


Clearance prices subject to availability. Refurbished Equipment. *Includes LXI Apprentice 12 Software* 

Vinyl Express Q Series cutters are built exclusively for SignWarehouse by the world leader in performance and quality — a company whose name is literally synonymous with class-leading cut quality and bulletproof reliability. But the Q Series cutters offer you an added benefit - the SignWarehouse Vinyl Express name. It's your assurance of premium quality and unparalleled value. If you’re serious about the business of sign-making, Vinyl Express Q Series cutters are made with you in mind.

The Q-Series cutters are designed for cutting long jobs without skewing, for less wasted material and time. Guaranteed Incredible 50' tracking is what they're famous for!  

Their blazing fast cutting speed, up to 50 inches-per-second, means your productivity can now make the jump to hyperspace. Definitely the professional solution to a high volume shop or when time is a critical factor. 

When its TangentaPLUS proprietary technology is enabled, the Q-Series cutters can cut perfect corners on delicate films to heavy mask. Every single time. 42 - 64 inch models come with ARMS feature.

The Q Series vinyl and contour sign cutters are designed for the serious sign professional and can only be found at SIGNWarehouse.

More reasons why the Vinyl Express Q Series cutters are so advanced:

Q Series One-Touch Control Panel

The large, 3" graphical display isn't even the half of it! The new dual-mode, simplified 16-button controls give you one-touch access to every powerful cutter feature. Say goodbye to confusing sub-menu arrays. Q Series is as easy as it is powerful.

Dual Position Blade Holder

Instead of the old-fashioned, one position bladeholder mount, the ALL NEW Q offers you a dual-position bladeholder mount... for increased contour cut accuracy! Now get more accurate, more precise contour cuts for all your decals, stickers, and more.

Vinyl Express Q Series™ Optional ARMS Available

Optional ARMS (auto registration mark sensor) contour-cutting alignment system is available for the 24" and 30" models. Improved for better detection on colored, reflective, and metalized films.

Q Series TrueTRACK Drive System

Unlike typical grit-rollers that have random, sandpaper-like surfaces, ours are precision milled for fine, even spacing. That's why we not only say Vinyl Express Q Series cutters are accurate up to 600 inches!

Q Series Soft Blade Landing Technology

Ordinary cutters slam the blade down onto the vinyl — leading to imprecise, clumsy corners that can cause weeding problems and excess head-wear. Q Series cutters use Soft Blade Landing to improve cut quality with no loss of speed or excessive head-wear. It makes weeding a breeze, and butter smooth!

optional media basket for vinyl cutterQ Series Tangential Blade Control

Instead of the slow, lift-and-turn used by mechanical tangential cutters, Q Series intelligently orients blade direction — without the blade leaving the face of the media. So angled cuts are more precise without any loss in speed or productivity.

Optional Extra Media Racks

The optional additional media racks enable you to keep up to 3 extra full-length rolls conveniently stored at the foot of your plotter for quick changes from one job to another.  


Perfect vinyl cutter for creating adhesive vinyl designs for doors, windows, and walls in your world. Enter the sign making world and produce signs, banners, lettering, nifty stickers and decals. Use this vinyl cutter for cutting heat transfer film for custom apparel or fabric decoration.

What can I do with this cutter?

Custom decorate t-shirts and apparelPersonalize vehiclesGrab attention with yard signsAdd wall words and sayings

The sky's the limit!

Contour cut pre-printed digital color images precisely using the Q Series ARMS registration mark sensor capability (optional on 24" aqnd 30" models) to create custom stunning decals, stickers and more.

Create, cut and then heat press logos, sayings and graphics onto T-shirts, tablecloths, linens and other fabrics. And with the wide variety of heat press material films available, you can choose glitter and specialty films for extra pizzazz. Also cut rhinestone stencil for those sparkling designs!

Design and cut graphics and lettering for walls and windows. Letters, words, quotes and names can personalize any room from the kitchen to the nursery. Add elegance, make a statement or add visual interest to homes, apartments and offices.

Personalize vehicles by adding a custom license plate or decal onto vehicles. Make those cute stick figures of people or critters you see on loads of vans and SUVs! Add some pin stripping, flames or flourishes to make that truck stand out. Don't forget you can also apply designs and decals onto motorcycles and ATVs.

Make yard signs by cutting and applying vinyl lettering to corrugated plastic blanks, using a simple stand to place into the ground.

Contents & Specs

  • Vinyl Express Q54 Vinyl Cutter 
  • LXI Apprentice 12 Software

    • Incredible tracking - Up to 600 inches
    • Blazing fast cutting speed - Up to 50 inches per second!
    • When enabled, Tagenta PLUS proprietary technology allows flawlessly cut corners on delicate films to heavy mask
    • Up to 400 grams downforce
    • Whisper quiet servo motors
    • Adjustable pinch rollers
    • Media cut-off feature allows a clean straight edge
    • Automatic Registration System (ARMS) allows for contour cutting of digitally printed images (Optional on 24" and 30" models)

    • Size: 54 inch
    • Stand: NO
    • Downforce: 10 to 400 grams
    • Drive motor: Digital Servo
    • Tracking: 600 inches
    • Speed: 50 in/sec
    • Contour Cut: Yes
    • Warranty:90 day
    • OS: PC only

      LXi Software System Requirements:

      Windows 7,8 and 10; 32-bit and 64-bit compatible. LXi Cloud is fully compatible with Windows 8. Windows XP is not supported and may or may not be fully compatible. 2.0 GHz processor or better, 128 MB video or better, 2 GB memory, DVD drive, USB 2.0, 4 Gb hard drive space availability. Internet access required for initial activation.

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