Clearance Printer - Go UNO LED Laser Printer


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Clearance Printer - Go UNO LED Laser Printer
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Refurbished | Demo Equipment:

Product Details: Clearance Printer - Go UNO LED Laser Printer


Prices subject to availability on the clearance items. Refurbished Equipment. Software is not included.

The GO UNO LED laser transfer process is a unique and versatile method for digital decoration of garments and rigid substrates. Using the combination of high quality prints and high speed printing from advanced single pass LED print heads and unique, self weeding transfer papers, the GO UNO presents an easy to use, versatile and economical approach to garment decoration and ad specialties. With a GO UNO, a heat press and some self-weeding paper, your PC and graphic designs software can become a fun, profitable custom graphics business with an investment of well under $5,000. No special software is required. The GO UNO requires no special garments, no specially coated substrates. An average 4' x 8' worktable is ample room for this compact desktop printer and a heat press. The GO UNO is the perfect blend of quality, economy, and versatility.


  • First Professional LED Transfer Printer for Apparel
  • Based on Same Proven Platform as Other Highly Regarded LED Printers
  • On demand printing with no maintenance - no printheads and no clogging
  • Single Pass color digital technology for high speed output. Color output at up to 30 ppm; Monochrome at up to 32 ppm
  • 1200 X 600 dpi resolution for crisp, clear output
  • Engineered specifically for use with self-weeding transfer papers. HD color transfer technology produces sharp detail and rich, dramatic color
  • Media handling from 3” x 5” to 11.6” X 52” transfers and banners - the only tabloid printer to handle sheets of that length
  • Lifetime support. Five year limited warranty on LED print heads.

What are the Go Uno Features and Benefits?

  • Wide format tabloid color printer specifically for transfer applications with compact design and small footprint.
  • Full transfer and tabloid transfer printing using extended edge-to-edge imaging technology for reduced waste.
  • Based on proven, reliable LED printer platform.
  • Applications beyond transfer including color separation and on demand use as high quality office printer.
  • Color output at up to 30 ppm and monochrome at up to 32 ppm; fast print speeds support high volume production.
  • HD Color Transfer technology and denser imaging than traditional LED printers yields garment transfers with sharp detail and rich, vivid color.
  • Engineered specifically for use with self weeding transfer papers.
  • 1200 x 600 dpi resolution for crisp, clear output, superior image quality and detail.
  • Media handling from 3” x 5” to 11.6” x 52” make the GO UNO an incredibly versatile digital print platform.
  • Single pass color digital technology for printing up to 80 lb. cover stock and banners up to 52" long.

Prices subject to availability on the clearance items.


The GO UNO is the most versatile printer in its class. No other digital print technology offers you such a wide variety of practical and profitable applications at such a low price point. Here's a brief summary of some of the possible uses for this amazing device.
  • Vivid photo quality color transfers on white garments including cotton, polyester, acrylic, and blended fabrics
  • Vivid spot color transfers on dark garments
  • Brilliant metallic foil transfers on light and dark garments
  • Custom printed mouse pads and sign blanks
  • Specialty magnets and small format magnetic signs
  • Printed ceramic mugs & beer steins
  • Water slide decals for model cars, RC panes, etc.
  • High speed printing of standard documents
  • Tabloid size prints on normal and heavy weight papers for flyers and posters
Contents & Specs

Prices subject to availability on the clearance items.


  • Refurbished Go UNO LED Laser Printer

Go Uno Specifications:

  • Print Speed – Color: 30/ppm / Black: 32/ppm
  • Printing Technology – LED (Light-Emitting Diode)
  • Resolution (dpi) – 1200 x 600
  • Duty Cycle (Maximum Pages per Month) – 75,000
  • Processor (MHz) – 700 MHz PowerPPC CPU
  • Time to First Page (seconds) (Color / Mono) – 10 /9.5
  • RAM Standard (MB): Maximum – 256; 768
  • Duplexing – Optional
  • Resident Fonts – Scalable: 85 PCL and 136 PostScript fonts
  • Compatibility – Emulations: PCL 5c, PostScript 3™, IBM ProPrinter, Epson FX
  • Network-Ready – Standard
  • Standard Interface – Network Interface: OkiLAN 10/100 Base-T
  • Internal Network Interface - OkiLAN 10/100 Base-T Internal Ethernet Print Server standard
  • Sheet Sizes – Main Tray 4.1” x 5.8” optional 2nd Tray 5.8” x 8.3” x 14” Multipurpose Tray 3” x 5” banner
  • Maximum Paper Size (inches) – Main Tray 11” x 17”; optional 2nd Tray 8.5” x 14”; Multipurpose Tray 11.6” x 52” banner
  • Paper Input – Standard – C830n/dn 400 sheets (300-sheet Tray and 100-sheet MPT); C830dtn 930 sheets with 530-sheet 2nd Paper Tray. 2 Max – 1,460 sheets (C830dtn with optional 2nd and 3rd Trays; C830dtn with optional 3rd Tray)
  • Standard Sheet Weight – Main tray 17 lb. – 32 lb. bond (64 – 120 gsm); 2nd and 3rd Trays 17lb. – 47 lb. bond (64 – 176 gsm): Multi-Purpose Tray 17 lb. bond – 54 lb. bond/80 lb. cover (64 – 220 gsm); Duplex 17 lb. – 28 lb. bond (64 – 105 gsm)
  • Maximum Sheet Weight – Main tray 17 lb. – 32 lb. bond (64 – 120 gsm); 2nd and 3rd Trays 17lb. – 47 lb. bond (64 – 176 gsm): Multi-Purpose Tray 17 lb. bond – 54 lb. bond/80 lb. cover (64 – 220 gsm); Duplex 17 lb. – 28 lb. bond (64 – 105 gsm)
  • Paper Options – Multipurpose Tray: Standard 100-sheet; handles overhead transparencies, envelopes, mailing label stock, recycled paper and banners
  • Weight – Printer Only 79.2 lbs
  • Dimensions w/out Box (W x D x H) (inches/cm) – 19.1” x 22.8” x 13.6” (48.5 cm x 57.9” x 35.5 cm)
  • Software – Web-based Printer Management: PrintSuperVision and OKiLAN Embedded Wed Server



How does the GO UNO compare with other methods of garment decoration?

GO UNO VS. Screen Printing
  • Digital transfer technologies offer an important advantage over screen printing. Because of the need to perform color separation, ink and clean screens, and apply colors in single layers, screen printers cannot make money on custom and short run orders.
  • With digital decoration, you can design a custom image, print one transfer, apply it and sell the finished product for a handsome profit. See below for more detailed profitability and ROI information.
GO UNO VS. Dye Sublimation
  • Dye sublimation is a great digital process for decorating rigid substrates like mugs and mouse pads and producing extremely washfast custom apparel. However, dye sublimation only works on polyester fabric or polymer-coated substrates, and cannot be used on non-white garments without dramatic color shifts.
  • The GO UNO laser transfer process can be used on a wide variety of fabrics including cotton, polyester, cotton-poly blends, acrylic and more. Depending on the paper used, vivid transfers can be applied to colored and dark garments.
  • Using EnduraTRANS HS paper, transfers can be applied to a variety of uncoated rigid substrates.
GO UNO VS. Direct to Garment Printers
  • Direct to garment printing is a digital process that can apply ink directly to garments. Depending on the model, black garments can be imprinted using a white ink under base. Direct to garment printers generally cost three to ten times as much as a GO UNO laser printer.
  • Direct to Garment printers require that the garment is pre-treated before printing, which adds cost and time. If the pre-treatment is not applied correctly, the printed image may be unusable. No such requirement is necessary for the GO UNO laser transfer process
  • In order to image a dark shirt, DTG printers use white ink cartridges containing Titanium Dioxide. The TIO2 has a tendency to settle when idle, causing clogged print heads and lines. In order to prevent these problems, daily maintenance is required. The GO UNO requires no such maintenance and produces vivid opaque spot color transfers on colored garments using unique self-weeding papers; all without the risk of clogging or damaging the printers's internal mechanism.
  • Because of the potential damage from clogged heads and lines, most DTG printers only warrant the heads for six months. The GO UNO comes with a five year print head warranty.
  • Curing a white ink printed garment on a heat press takes about two and a half minutes on average. Because of the extra time required for this lengthy curing plus the necessary pre-treatment, it can take up to 10 minutes to print one shirt with a white ink direct to garment printer. The GO UNO laser transfer process takes less than half the time.
  • DTG printers are "one trick ponies". They can only be used to make shirts. The GO UNO is a versatile platform that can image shirts and a wide variety of rigid substrates.

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