EnduraCUT 2 Desktop Vinyl Cutter Wall Graphics Package


Shipping Weight: 72.00 lbs.

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Product Details: EnduraCUT 2 Desktop Vinyl Cutter Wall Graphics Package


EnduraCUT 2 Wall Graphics Business Package Contents


The EnduraCUT 2 is the perfect machine to start your vinyl sign business or an economical back-up for your existing vinyl cutter. With a quieter and more precise digital servo motor, this desktop vinyl sign cutter is a professional machine that's unique in its price range. It's a sensible choice for cutting small to medium format graphics. Great for short run production. Plus, the EnduraCUT 2 can cut rhinestone stencil film up to 25mil thickness!

Easy to transport to race events, flea markets and other places. Packages come with everything you need to get going and more. Qualifies for Trade Up Program and includes Designer's Productivity Suite.

EnduraCUT 2 Vinyl Cutter Features

Note: The EnduraCUT 2 is not recommended for for cutting sandblast resist rubber or sandblast stencil on a daily basis.


What can I do with this cutter?

Custom decorate t-shirts and apparel Personalize vehicles Grab attention with yard signs Add wall words and sayings

The sky's the limit!

Create, cut and then heat press logos, sayings and graphics onto T-shirts, tablecloths, linens and other fabrics. And with the wide variety of heat press material films available, you can choose glitter and specialty films for extra pizzazz. The EnduraCUT can also cut rhinestone stencil for those sparkling designs!

Design and cut graphics and lettering for walls and windows. Letters, words, quotes and names can personalize any room from the kitchen to the nursery. Add elegance, make a statement or add visual interest to homes, apartments and offices.

Personalize vehicles by adding a custom license plate or decal onto vehicles. Make those cute stick figures of people or critters you see on loads of vans and SUVs! Add some pin stripping, flames or flourishes to make that truck stand out. Don't forget you can also apply designs and decals onto motorcycles and ATVs.

Make yard signs by cutting and applying vinyl lettering to corrugated plastic blanks, using a simple stand to place into the ground.

Design banners for grand openings, sales, closings and weddings. Draw extra attention to businesses and special events.

Apply cut lettering and graphics onto magnetic material for removable vehicle signage. Pre-cut magnetic blank sets make it easy and simple.

So many more applications, too. The sky's the limit!


Contents & Specs


  • EnduraCUT 2 24" Desktop Vinyl Cutter
  • Vinyl Express LXI Expert Software
  • 24" X 10yd Roll of Removable EnduraMATTE (one of each)
    • 501MR White
    • 502MR Black
    • 530MR Brown
    • 531MR Beige
    • 537MR Cherry Red
    • 541MR Pink
  • 6" PerfecTear Plus MT Tape
  • 12" PerfecTear Plus MT Tape
  • Two (2) - 3M Gold Squeegees
  • Felt Squeegee
  • Weeding Tool Kit
  • Keyspan Adapter
  • Lifetime Support plus 90 Days Premium Support

* Sign Warehouse reserves the right to substitute clipart and/or vinyl included with packages due to their availability.

EnduraCUT 2 24" Desktop Vinyl Cutter Specifications:

  • Operational Method: Friction Feed
  • Max. Cutting Width: 23.2" / 589 mm 
  • Max. Material Width: 28.3" / 719 mm 
  • Max. Material Thickness: 25 mil (0.25"/0.635mm) † 
  • Front and rear media sensors
  • Pinch roller position sensors 
  • Drive: DC Servo Control 
  • Cutting Force: 400 grams 
  • Maximum Cutting Speed: 23.62 in/sec; 600 mm/sec 
  • Pinch Rollers: 2 
  • Memory: 4 MB in Buffer 
  • Tangential mode and Overcut functions for precise cutting of thick media
  • Interfaces: Parallel (Centronics) & Serial (RS-232S) 
  • Commands: HP-GL, HP-GL/2 
  • Configurable Origin: Yes 
  • Control Panel: LCD (20 digits x 2 lines) 
  • Commands: HP-GL 
  • Operational Environment: 
  • Temperature: 10ºC ~ 35º / 50ºF ~ 95ºF; 
  • Humidity: 25% - 75% 
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 8.67" x 34.61" x 10.16"; 220mm x 879mm x 258mm 
  • Weight: 28.6 lbs; 13 kg 
  • Warranty: 2 Years 

Note: Specifications subject to change without notice

† This machine is not recommended for the regular use for cutting 25 mil stencil, but can be used occasionally for rhinestone stencil film and other less demanding applications. Please consult with us before purchasing if you intend to cut 25 mil media on a regular basis.

Vinyl Express LXi Master Software Features:

  • All of the features of LXi Expert
  • Stripes/Color Trapping/Fuse
  • Dimensions/Labels, Auto Dimension
  • Graphic Styles/Text Styles, Repeat Last Command
  • 2 and 3 Point Circles
  • View Multiple Layers/Object Hierarchy Access
  • Contour Cut Mark for Desktop Print & Cut Workflow
  • Color Trapping/Picture Cut/CASmate Style Tracing
  • Rasterize/Color Mode
  • Bitmap Marquee/Bitmap Eraser/Bitmap Move
  • Transparent Bitmaps in all Color Modes
  • Repeat Last Command
  • Gradient Fills
  • Graphic Styles
  • Optional Rhinestone Wizard plug-in

Why Choose Vinyl Express® LXi™ Sign Making Software?


LXi contains many tools for special effects. The effects menu will save you hours of design time. Create your effects, change the appearance, edit, combine, break apart, and more. LXi offers endless design effect options.

Vital Job Info
LXi allows you to save all the information about each job in one place! LXi will store job specifications, customer info, and statistics about labor time, job size, and pricing.

The Design Central feature in LXi delivers all the tools you’ll need within one interface.

User Friendly
LXi offers user friendly tools to ensure optimum efficiency. DesignCentral is a context sensitive window that displays tabs and options according to the objects you have selected or which tool you have chosen.

Comfortable Interface
If you’re already working with another software program such as CorelDraw, Adobe, or Inspire, etc., LXi will let you transform the user interface of this software to any software that you might already be comfortable with! WOW!

Bitmap Tools
Easy to use tools to edit bitmaps imported into your document.

What Makes Vinyl Express® LXi™ Signmaking Software so easy to use and versatile?

The user interface of Vinyl Express® LXi™ vinyl cutting software is what makes signmaking easy for beginners as well as those who have loved signmaking for years!

DesignCentral - DesignCentral is the one-stop home for all designing needs. This powerful feature increases productivity by placing everything you need in one location.

QuickEdit - You can instantaneously on-screen edit or update any effect applied to any object. For example, if there is text with a shadow that is misspelled, you can click on the text and make any correction. The shadow is automatically updated; there’s no need to enter a separate editor.

DesignEditor - You can hide or lock layers, edit or rearrange any step of the design process and drag effects from one object to another. Even objects in the most complex design can be edited with just one click.

Built-in Spell Checking - VE LXi’s spell checker can check either selected text or the entire design, preventing costly mistakes and misspellings. The dictionary contains over 100,000 words and suggests replacements. You can even create custom dictionaries.

LXi Tools - You can simply point the cursor at any tool or icon in Vinyl Express LXi and the Tool Tips provide the features name.

Customizable Interface - With VE LXi software you have the ability to rearrange, tear off and hide all the tool palettes. You can customize the interface to best suit your work habits.

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