enduraLAM Desktop 24 in Cold Laminator


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enduraLAM Desktop 24 in Cold Laminator
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Product Details: enduraLAM Desktop 24 in Cold Laminator


Why get a cold laminator? Cold laminators are the most cost-effective machines for solvent and eco-solvent printers. Hot laminators are not recommended for solvent and eco-solvent prints as the heat degrades the print quality. These laminators use pressure sensitive (cold) films, to protect the color balance of a digital print. 

Mounting or laminating a digital print will protect the print, extend its life and improve customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction means that the customer will return to your shop for another job. Both you and your customer win when you offer print finishing services. 

The foot switch allows greater control and accuracy when feeding long and wide prints. 

Two EPDM hard rubber rollers resist tearing, and solvents. Adjustable roll crank on side adjusts thickness, up to ¾”. Tension clutches are placed outside the unit for easy adjustments. 

All controls are placed for easy reach, including emergency shut off switch. Controls include: master on/off, variable speed dial, forward/reverse switch, foot pedal feed system. 110 volts. Color and style may vary from photograph. 


• Cold laminator ideal for providing abrasion and added UV resistance to solvent inkjet prints
• Easy to operate
• Affordable
• Rugged construction, stable base
• Adjustable speed & pressure
• Foot switch for hands free start-stop

When you assemble this laminator, make sure you have an extra core (empty vinyl roll core would work) to use for rolling up the backing from the laminate.

25" Laminator instructions for setup:
Click here for graphic reference on set-up.

1. Use attached Graphic as a reference for setting up the laminator.
2. While standing at the front of the machine you will need to place blank cardboard curve (media core) on the top roller for the take-up of the laminate backing. Tape the backing paper to the core.
3. On the right side of the machine install the green band (may be diff. color) onto the slotted steel wheels put one twist in the band to make an 8 shape.
4. Place Roll of Laminate on back roller when roll has gloss side on the outside feed the roll from back/under then go under the chrome tension bar.
5. Separate the laminate from the backing paper. Tape the backing paper to the blank cardboard core and hand turn the roll a few times. The laminate needs to be sticky side out going over the top roller and eventually between both orange rollers when running a job through. When the machine is not in use it would be a good idea to have a scrap piece of paper or something to keep the laminate from going around the bottom pressure roller.
6. The two large adjustments wheels on both sides of the machine is for the tension and level of the the orange pressure roller.
7. The two Knobs that are located on the right side of the machine on the media bars are for the tension of each roll.

Helpful Tips:
If the media you are laminating is smaller than the actual laminate, use crafting paper or something similar to place under your media so it will not stick to the laminator's rubber rollers. Endura Roller Tray would be good to hold crafting paper.
Contents & Specs
  • (1) Desktop Cold Laminator


      • Max lamination width: 23.5” (59.7cm) 
      • Max depth: 0.4” 10mm
      • Max speed: 13 feet (4m)/minute
      • Roller diameter: 2.6” (65mm) 
      • Motor power: 10W
      • Dimensions: 30”x19”x11” (76.2cm x48x28cm) 
      • Shipping Dimensions: 33”x14”x 14.6” (860x360x370mm)

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