EnduraMAX Premium Banner Blanks – 3ft x 4ft – 13oz – Red

EnduraMAX Premium Banner Blanks – 3ft x 4ft – 13oz – Red


Shipping Weight: 2.00 lbs.



EnduraMAX is a technologically superior new banner from SignWarehouse because it is Hi-Heat seamed not stitched for a long lasting finished look. Hi-Heat finishes seams with temperatures higher than 1000° F! This means the seams are molecularly fused to become one long lasting unit. The banner will degrade before the seam gives out. Available in 6 popular colors. Remember for exterior applications all banners are designed for short term use.

• These quality banners are Hi-Heat™ seamed not stitched
• Seams are heat fused together molecularly to become one
• Hi-Heat welding uses temperatures higher than 1000°F
• Hi-Heat welded means superior seam strength
• Grommets are every 24 inches

Sold By: SignWarehouse

More information available at: https://www.signwarehouse.com/p/enduramax-premium-banner-blanks-3ft-x-4ft-13oz-red