Shipping Weight: 5.95 lbs.



Chemica US FirstMARK

  • Semi-matte finish for cotton, polyester, acrylic fabrics
  • 4.1 mil B&W & 4.9 mil colors
  • 25 Colors
  • High speed cutting, ultra-fine detail, easy weeding!

  • Application Directions:
    Reverse cut through adhesive layer to plastic backing. Use 45 degree blade, weed excess material. Lay cut pattern on fabric. Cover design area with teflon sheet. Heat transfer at 280 degrees for 15-20 seconds with medium pressure. Peel warm. Can be covered with Teflon sheet and reheated, if necessary.
    Wash Instructions:
    Do NOT exceed water temperatures of 180 degrees. Do NOT dry in a tumble dryer.

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