Graphtec i-DesignR Rhinestone Software


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Graphtec i-DesignR Rhinestone Software
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Product Details: Graphtec i-DesignR Rhinestone Software


Graphtec's i-DesignR is a new software application designed specifically for rhinestone decorated apparel. Written by Graphtec, it's easy to use. Here are the simple steps...

1) Import design.
2) Set size of rhinestone and spacing.
3) Cut out template on Hartco Equalizer 930 using your own cutter.
4) Set rhinestones in holes and affix with heatpress.

Built-in advanced features save you time in comparison with other rhinestone solutions. Works only for Craft ROBO Pro, CE5000-60, and CE5000-120 vinyl cutters.

Click here to view training video for the Graphtec i-DesignR™ Rhinestone software.

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