HIX SwingMan 20 Heat Press Machine - 120v

Shipping Weight: 121.00 lbs.

HIX SwingMan 20 Heat Press Machine - 120v
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Product Details: HIX SwingMan 20 Heat Press Machine - 120v


The HIX SwingMan 20 is for professionals who are serious about maximum production, high-quality impressions, safety, and minimal effort on the operator. The HIX SwingMan 20 is an industry favorite for sublimation and textile heat transfer production. Its design reduces fatigue and increases productivity.

The Swingman 20 features a large 16″x 20″ surface area heat platen with a Hix-exclusive swing-away design. What makes the HIX Swingman 20 unique is the ability to apply over 1200 lbs of downward force with very little effort. The Hix-exclusive progressive linkage method provides a mechanical advantage where a small amount of force on the hand end produces a much larger force on the press end. With the Swingman 20 at maximum pressure, you can literally open and close the press with two fingers!

Like the HT-400 & HT-600, the Hix SwingMan 20 is ruggedly made in the USA, and will provide years of trouble-free performance.

  • The SwingMan swing-away design not only ensures that the heat is always away from your face, but also that there is no danger of accidentally running your hands up into a very hot heater block (as there may be with a clamshell press).
  • Totally integrated digital time and temperature. Turn the heat press on and easily set the temperature (with the press open) on the integrated touch-screen controller. When the press reaches the pre-set temperature (max is 450º), it maintains this value within +/- 2º.
  • The calibrated digital temperature control is adjustable up to 450°F (232°C) and displays the current temperature.
  • The easy-to-use open-and-close handle has spring assist and a full range pressure adjustment, provides even pressure on thicker items, and adds 20% more pressure over straight handle designs.
  • The current pressure is displayed on the touch-screen display each time the press closes. The pressure is easily changed with the black pressure dial on the face of the control housing (clockwise for more, counter-clockwise for less). There are nine settings: 0-3 for light pressure, 4-6 for medium, and 7-9 for heavy. This is a great feature if your heat transfer applications require varying pressure settings.
  • Auto-Off Feature automatically shuts off heat press after 3 hours of non-use. This can be adjusted or disabled according to your preference.
  • Manufactured in a permanent steel cavity mold using a HIX-exclusive aluminum alloy for maximum heat transfer.
  • 100% Made in the USA – HIX has its own 110,000 sq ft manufacturing facility with its very own fully integrated aluminum foundry, CNC mill operation, welding, metal forming, wiring, fabrication, assembly, and packaging departments.
  • The SwingMan 20 is ETL certified. It has a limited 1-year warranty and a lifetime warranty on the heating element.

  • CODE: SE-HX-SwingMan-20

    The SwingMan 20 is perfect for pressing ceramic tiles, puff transfers, license plates, hot split transfers, rhinestones, mouse pads, garments, plaques, and nail heads.

    Contents & Specs
  • (1) Hix SwingMan 20 16" X 20" Swing Away Heat Press - 120v

  • Specifications:
  • Heating Platten: 16" x 20" heating element
  • Control Mode: LCD touch screen control panel
  • Max item thickness: 1.75"
  • Temperature range: Up to 450°F (232°C)
  • Dimensions: W 34” x H 20” x D 22”
  • Voltage, Amps/Watts: 120V/14.5A/1750W - 120v Optional
  • Warranty: 1 Year
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