i-DesignR Rhinestone Font Vol.1


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i-DesignR Rhinestone Font Vol.1
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Product Details: i-DesignR Rhinestone Font Vol.1


Available in two separate volumes for use with your i-DesignR® Software (Lite, CE and PRO). Easily create custom rhinestone designs with typeable rhinestone ready fonts. 15 fonts are included in each volume. Conversion charts, editable text including kerning and line spacing, fonts can be broken apart, conversion charts provide values for 7 different fonts sizes.

Vol. 1 includes Andy, Arial, Boscribe, Combo, Curlz, Dakota, Double Line Letters, French Script and more.

Vol. 2 includes Amperzand, Bebe, Bella, Bradley Hand Writing, Brush Script, Bubbles, Chalkboard, Fiolex, Girls are Weird, Harrington, Night Club, Scribbl, Tiny Roman, Tiny Tiny and more.

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