iCRAFT - EnduraPress Hobby T-shirt Package


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iCRAFT - EnduraPress Hobby T-shirt Package
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Product Details: iCRAFT - EnduraPress Hobby T-shirt Package

The best tool to turn your creativity into reality! i-Craft™ is an ideal model for hobby users, schools, offices, families, etc, as its ease of use interface and a variety of ready to use clipart which can create the most possibilities, including scrapbooking, custom decals, personalized tattoo and card making


  • Enhanced AAS II Contour Cutting System
    With AAS II contour cutting system, users can print graphics and use i-Craft™ to cut the contour automatically to complete a diversity of designs in an easy way, including stickers, décor, cards and so on.
  • 250 Grams of Cutting Force
    The maximum of 250g cutting force extends the applicability of a i-Craft™ which can cut various materials, such as cardstock paper, heat transfer paper, tattoo paper and soft magnetic.
  • Rhinestone Application
    Thanks to the superior cutting force and standard software function, i-Craft™ handles rhinestone stencil cutting with ease, people are amazed with its great versatility.
  • SD Card Slot
    With the use of SD card, users can create their designs wherever they want and save it to SD card for later uses. i-Craft™ eliminates the limitation of creation.
    (Note: SD card is an optional item.)
  • Auto-adjusted Blade
    i-Craft™ is equipped with an auto-adjusted blade, so users can cut the designs perfectly without complicated blade adjustment procedure.
  • Adhesive Sheet
    Adhesive sheet can be used to fix different materials from card stock to soft magnet. It provides a very common used cutting area, 12 x 12 inches, and a more extensive cutting area, 12 x 24 inches (optional item)
  • Intuitive AP Software and Driver
    i-Craft™ standard software is compatible with a diversity of file formats including SVG, PDF, AI, EPS, PLT, PNG, and WPC, providing the optimum compatibility. Better than that, GCC exclusive driver for i-Craft™ allows users to use familiar design software and print to i-Craft™ via driver with ease, extending the compatibility and user friendliness.
  • Large LCM Screen
    The large LCM screen can show the selected function and make it easy to operate. Ease of use user interface turns every user to be a scrapbooking expert.

  • Applications

  • Paper-carving
  • Magnet
  • Scrapbook
  • Rhinestone
  • Card making
  • Heat transfer
  • Stickers
  • Tags
  • 3D paper

  • Contents & Specs

    iCraft and EnduraPRESS T-Shirt Package Contents:

    • iCraft 12" Hobby Vinyl Cutter
    • EduraPRESS 9"x12" SA12 Swing-a-away Heat Press
    • 2 - Hotmark heat press sample rolls (assorted colors)*
    • Chemica HotMark Color Chart
    • SignWarehouse Curved Weeding Tool
    • SignWarehouse Weeding Pen
    • SignWarehouse Retractable Bubble Popper Pen

    * Sign Warehouse reserves the right to substitute clipart and/or vinyl included with packages due to their availability.

    EnduraPRESS SA12 Features:

    • Digital LCD control panel
    • Swing away design removes hot platen from work area
    • Swing away design produces even pressure on thick items
    • Produces firm, even pressure across the platen
    • Suitable for all heat transfer vinyl, shirt and blank sublimation, ChromaBlast, and all laser transfer applications including two-step white toner transfers.
    • One Year Warranty
    EnduraPRESS SA12 Specifications:
    • 9" x 12" heating element
    • Temperature range: 0-480°F
    • Heating speed to 392°F: 12 minutes.
    • Temperature display accuracy: Within 5°F
    • Voltage: 110V/60Hz; Power: 1.4kW
    • Shipping weight: 35lbs
    • Shipping dimensions: 17" x 15" x 14"


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