Justin Pate Techniques and Tips inch: 3 DVD Bundle - Install


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Justin Pate  Techniques and Tips inch: 3 DVD Bundle - Install
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Product Details: Justin Pate Techniques and Tips inch: 3 DVD Bundle - Install


Get all three of Justin Pate's Techniques and Tips DVDs in one bundle!

Graphic Stallations - From the co-creator of Realwraps 101 and Speedwrap Xtra, Justin Pate has a new DVD - Techniques and Tips: Vehicle Graphic Installations. Shot in HD, Justin has created an extremely thorough and informative DVD that is geared for all-levels of installers. In over 144 minutes , Justin covers all the basics of wrapping like cleaning, hardware removals and tools to advanced techniques like bumpers and deep recessed areas. Most wrappers take it slow. Justin takes it easy, but gets it done FAST. Ask anyone in the business, and they'll tell you it takes a day to wrap a cargo van. In this DVD you can see Justin wrap one in just over 2 HOURS. From prepping the vehicle to the final inspection, you'll see Justin working in real time. In addition his voice-over talks you through every action that he takes, ensuring that you won't miss a trick. After you've mastered the basics, this DVD will help you rocket into superstar wrapper status. 

SpeedWrapping - Geared for the entire sign shop as it focuses on how to streamline the vehicle graphic installation process. There are essentially three wheels in vehicle graphic installations - design, production and installation. Speedwrapping discusses each of these in depth and then shows how they open the door to fleet wrapping. An added feature is Hardware Removal XL where all the hardware is shown how to be removed and, more importantly, how to wrap around with quality if they don't come off. 

Advanced Wrapping - 2 hours long and covers: cutting perfect corners, door handles, bumpers, mirrors, antenna, wheel wells, and molding.

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