Logo It! Alignment Tool

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Logo It! Alignment Tool
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Product Details: Logo It! Alignment Tool


Logo It! Tool - Alignment Tool supports consistent placement of logos on basically any shirt

  • Consistent placement for high volume orders
  • It is a simple but innovative tool which enables you to quickly and easy find the correct placement for chest graphics
  • You can position graphics in seconds and easily replicate the exact position time and time again
  • Can also be used to help position centre graphics
  • Also useful for quickly checking collar sizes
  • Works with all shirt sizes
  • 1. Find the centre of the collar using the Logo It! side or top ruler
  • 2. Place the Logo It! target circle on the centre of the lower collar
  • 3. The left chest position will be revealed
  • 4. Position your design in the desired location
  • 5. Remove Logo It! and press


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  • (1) Logo It! Alignment Tool
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