Maple Classic Ballpoint Pen


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Maple Classic Ballpoint Pen
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Product Details: Maple Classic Ballpoint Pen

Individual Pinnacle Engravable Blanks from the ""Wood Sample"" kit. The Classic Maple Ballpoint Pen was engraved at maximum speed with 30% power to create deep engraving. A naturally dark engraving on the light colored Maple is clear and easy to read. To enhance the engraving, a dab of black shoe polish can be applied. A quick buff with a clean cloth finishes the color fill process. For large volumes of pens, a jig can be created using the laser system. Cut a series rectangles from thin wood or acrylic to hold the pens on the engraving surface. Use the same graphic from cutting the rectangles to act as placement guide for the position of the text to be engraved on each pen. Save the graphic with the cut rectangles on a non-printable layer. Next time you need to engrave pens, install the jig, and just change the text to be printed to the laser system.
Dimensions5-3/4 x 1/2 inches

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