MBX Vinyl Zapper  Electric  Tool - Vinyl Remover

MBX Vinyl Zapper Electric Tool - Vinyl Remover


Shipping Weight: 3.50 lbs.



The MBX Electric Vinyl Zapper, is designed to remove old vinyl and adhesive without causing heat or paint damage. The tool can be used with the Vinyl Zapper Rubber Wheel Eraser to remove vinyl and adhesive in tight crevices and complex curves.

The MBX Vinyl Zapper is lightweight and features a compact motor, safety paddle trigger and lever for control, and an extra handle for optimal leverage. It also features a safety guard and a patented adapter to enhance performance of the Vinyl Zapper.

Vinyl Zapper Eraser Wheel sold separately. 

Sold By: SignWarehouse

More information available at: https://www.signwarehouse.com/p/mbx-vinyl-zapper-electric-tool-vinyl-remover