NEENAH Techni-Print EZP self-weeding laser transfer paper - 8.5 in x 11 in - 100 sheets

Shipping Weight: 2.00 lbs.

NEENAH Techni-Print EZP self-weeding laser transfer paper - 8.5 in x 11 in - 100 sheets
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Product Details: NEENAH Techni-Print EZP self-weeding laser transfer paper - 8.5 in x 11 in - 100 sheets

NEENAH Techni-PRINT EZP Heat Transfer Paper is for transferring photos and graphics to white and light colored fabrics, is easy to use, yet gives crisp vibrant images regardless of the model of the laser printer or copier. Techni-PRINT EZP is a one-step self-weeding transfer paper. A swingaway heat press is required.

  • One-step self-weeding transfer paper for light garment decoration
  • OKI supported 
  • Works in all LED, laser printer and copiers 


  • White and light colored fabrics
  • Mouse pads
  • Coasters
  • Puzzles
  • Leather goods and much more...

  • Place branded side down in Multi-Purpose tray. Print a mirror image using the Heavy Paper media type. 

  • Pre-press the garment to remove excess moisture and wrinkles. Use a lint brush to ensure the fabric is clean and free of dust and debris. 
  • Place the transfer on top of the garment with the print image against the fabric.
  • Press 30 seconds at 375°F/190°C using using medium to heavy pressure (40 to 70 psi/3 to 5 bar).
  • Leave the paper and garment on the heat press. Wait 10 to 15 seconds depending upon the fabric and then peel the paper  in a smooth even motion (hot peel).
  • To produce a softer  “hand” and improve wash durability, gently stretch the garment in all directions while still hot.
  • If desired, wait and peel the paper after cooling completely (cold peel). This method gives a stiffer “hand” but it is quicker  and works well for hard surfaces such as leather.
  • You can then improve the softness and get even better wash durability by covering the image with silicone paper or silicone coated Kraft paper,  repressing for 10 seconds and immediately gently stretching in all directions while still hot.\

  • Turn garment inside out and wash in cold water using a mild detergent.
  • Do not use bleach.
  • Dry on low-heat setting
  • If you intend to iron the transferred area, ensure that the image is covered with parchment paper before ironing.

Contents & Specs

(1) 100 sheet pack of NEENAH Techni-Print EZP Self-weeding laser transfer paper


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