OKI C711WT Heat Transfer Laser Printer with White Toner

OKI C711WT Heat Transfer Laser Printer with White Toner


Shipping Weight: 62.00 lbs.



OKI C711WT  - High speed, professional LED white toner transfer printer. Up to legal-sized output in full color and white for custom apparel transfer and other transfer applications. OKI C711WT is a groundbreaking professional transfer printer offering performance and flexibility. Easy to use and compact. Ideal for apparel and t-shirt markets. Also for hard surface applications.


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For the OKI c711WT

Stand-out white: High-quality solid white graphics and text

The innovative C711WT provides fast, high-quality color printing with the added benefit of producing solid, crisp, stand-out white on a broad choice of media types.

  • Ultra-reliable digital LED printing technology and a simple, flat paper path for longer trouble-free printing
Flexible media: Prints vibrant CMYW colors on a wide variety of media

Bringing greater flexibility to creative merchandise and other graphic arts printing, the C711WT can be used in combination with transfer media to create a new vibrancy of print on dark colored garments and hard surfaces.

  • Creates vibrant CMYW colors on transfer media, ensuring color and image integrity
  • Prints on paper sizes from 3”x5” to 8.5”x14”, weights 64 gsm to 250 gsm
  • Multi-Purpose Feeder handles up to 100-sheet and 530-sheet standard internal paper tray for day-today printing needs
Unique technology: White toner printing breaks down creative barriers

The C711WT is part of an innovative digital printer that provides the ability to print using white toner. Based on existing, tried-and-tested graphic arts devices, printing with the C711WT in solid, sharp and bright white is as easy as printing in any color, overcoming many existing in-house production challenges faced by designers and graphic arts professionals.

  • Creates vibrant print on dark backgrounds, dark colored garments and other hard surfaces
  • Produces white graphic and lettering transfers on cost-effective transfer media
Business opportunities: Cost-effective in-house printing on-demand

A revolution in printing for the graphics, design and merchandising sectors, white toner printing provides a new, high-performance solution for all kinds of creative printing. From T-shirt and merchandising transfers to short-run packaging and concepts, window graphics, clear film and much more, the innovative C711WT gives graphic arts businesses access to on-demand printing and new revenue streams.

  • Prints at the same speeds as standard color digital LED printers – 34ppm letter plain paper
  • Great results on paper weights up to 250gsm

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