Oracal 813 Stencil Film

Shipping Weight: 4.00 lbs.

Oracal 813 Stencil Film
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Product Details: Oracal 813 Stencil Film

Oracal 813 Stencil Film is a rigid 3 mil translucent blue PVC stencil film has been formulated for stencil applications, especially spray and paint techniques. Can be used to mask surfaces to be painted and for die cut/hand cut spray mask stencils. It is excellent for car striping and aircraft marking. It has a low tack, water based adhesive. It is ideal for water-based paint applications; smooth, flat, rigid substrates and surfaces, large area capabilities; and applications requiring background visibility. Blade: 45° Downforce: 85/100

For use with water-based paints on flat or rigid surfaces that require background visibility. Large area capabilities and has been tested for oven curing at up to 150°F.

Release Paper
• Silicone-coated paper, 84#

Standard Widths
• 15in punched
• 24in, 30in, 36in, 48in

• Low-tack, removable water-based adhesive

Standard Lengths
• 10 yards & 50 yards

Oracal Vinyls MSDS


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