Pinnacle M-Series III 25 Watt Laser Engraver


Shipping Weight: 540.00 lbs.

Pinnacle M-Series III 25 Watt Laser Engraver
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Product Details: Pinnacle M-Series III 25 Watt Laser Engraver


Pinnacle Laser M-Series Engraver with pass through doors means there's no need to turn down oversize jobs. Large work area. Features: Auto Focus, Motorized Working Table, Stamp Mode, and much more!

Pass Through Doors
Pass Through Doors
Work Table
Large Work Area!

Auto FocusAuto Focus
While manual focusing can be a tedious process and subject to error, auto focusing is made easy with one-touch focus capability. Depending on the lens used, you can focus to a specific distance from the material for optimum quality. And, since the laser beam is five thousands (.005) of an inch in diameter, it's extremely accurate!

Badge Making!  Cut and Engrave in a single pass!Cut and Engrave in One Pass
Unlike rotary engraving where you need to change out tools for each process, the Pinnacle laser engravers will cut and engrave all with a beam of light. You'll waste less time setting up your engraver. All you need is your text or image along with an outline to cut out. The Pinnacle laser engraver will see the text or image just like a printer sees it. Then when it comes to the outline, it will follow the path to cut it out. When used along with the “sorting” feature this is a function that puts the Pinnacle laser above the competition.

High Speed DC Servo Motor!DC Servo Motor
Servo control moves the motor to the desired position using an x/y coordinate. For example, when your computer tells the engraver or cutter that x=1000 and y=1000, the engraver or cutter will move to the location that corresponds to those numbers.

3D Engraving
Produce true 3D images with 256 shades of gray Pinnacle laser engraver. Just use any grayscale photo with 256 shades of gray. The darker the shade of each pixel in the original photograph, the more power the laser applies. More power means deeper engraving.

The Pinnacle line of engravers takes this procedure to the most accurate representation of TRUE 3D engraving. Most lasers use a black and white mode, which use a density effect as opposed to 3D engraving which uses a power effect. With our 3D mode selection the power will ramp up higher for the darker portions and ramp down for the lighter portions.

Stamp mode
Making a rubber stamp can be easy and cost effective when made properly. The Pinnacle makes your rubber stamp manufacturing easier by allowing you to set proper thickness and pitch. You don’t have to worry about smudging or unclear lettering with stamp mode, which is always a standard on the Pinnacle laser engravers.

Up to 64 meg Buffer
Buffer size is vital when engraving photos or any large images. When sending a photo to your engraver you will want to know that the whole image is getting there. A photo can take up a lot of room in your buffer. Pinnacle lasers allow storage up to 64 megabytes for keeping files in your engraver and not having to worry about losing them.

Optional Dual Head Unit
The dual head unit allows you to work more effieciently without wasting time and materials.

Contents & Specs

Fumes generated by laser engraving should be vented outdoors through a window or a ventilation system. The Paasche compressor packaged with the Spirit and MIII engravers is designed to facilitate safe and adequate ventilation away from your work area. 

Laser Engraving Equipment Specifications

M-Series M-25W, M-40W
Laser Source
Sealed CO2 Laser
Work Area 25" x 18" (635mm x 457mm)
Max. Working Piece
(W x D x Thick)
31.5" x 22.4" x 6.5"
(800mm x 570mm x 165mm)
Overall Dimensions
(W x D x H)
44.3" x 28.3" x 39.6"
Table Size
31" x 20.9" (790mm x 530mm)
DC Servo Motor
Cutting Speed Control Adjustable from 0.01 to 42 inch/sec
with up to 16 colors linked speed setting per job
Engraving Speed Control Adjustable from 3.0% to 100% with up to 16 colors linked speed setting per job
Power Control Adjustable from 0% to 100% with up to 16 colors linked power setting per job
Z Axis Moving Automatic
Resolution (dpi) 1000, 600, 500, 300, 250, 200
Computer Interface Printer port (LPT) and/or serial port (Comm) for PC
Memory Buffer 16MB standard upgradeable to 64MB with SIMM
modules. Multiple file mode saves up to 100 files!
Display Panel 4-line LCD display showing current file name, total working time, laser power, engrave speed, file loaded, setup and diagnostics.
Power 100 - 240 VAC, 10-20 Amp, AC Auto Switch (12W: 10 Amp; 25-100W: 15 Amp)
Cooling Air-cooled;

*Above specifications are subject to change without notice.

M Series (Mercury) Available Accessories
Part Name Part # Optional
Vector Cutting Table ENA-LG-VECTOR Yes
Honey Comb table ENA-GCCBK01223C Yes
Air Compressor ENA-ZX-COMPRESSOR Yes
Blower ENA-PSI-DC3XX Yes
Odor Reduction Unit ENA-SPC-ODORREDU Yes
Rotary Attachment ENA-GCCBK01213D Yes
Lenses 1.5 ENA-GCCBK013APB Yes
2.0 ENA-GCCBK013AQB Standard
Cleaning Kit ENA-OPTIC-CLEAN-KIT Refill
Mirrors # 1 ENA-GCCBK01345C Standard
# 2 ENA-GCCBK01370B Standard
# 3 ENA-GCCBK01370B Standard
# 4 ENA-GCCBK01324A Standard
Auto Focus Pen P-BK01325E Standard

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