Plastic Plate Blanks - 10 inch Round - White

Plastic Plate Blanks - 10 inch Round - White


Shipping Weight: 0.13 lbs.



Show your school spirit...boost your favorite team...or just create personalized tags for, well, just about anybody!

Whether it's patriotic, athletic, religious, or personal - our license plates can be customized to target any market, or just your friends and family. You create or, let your customers be creative!

These plastic blanks are ready for you to apply your own letters, logos or graphics and are easy to attach to your vehicle, ATV, boat, or on the wall, etc.

  • Polyethylene plastic .055 gauge license plate blanks accept vinyl lettering and graphics well
  • They are corona treated on both sides for excellent screen printability
  • These blanks will not accept dye-sublimation
  • Corona treated means the plastic is treated with a very high electric charge at low voltage
  • This charge pits the surface of the plastic so that it isn’t super smooth
  • Because of this, it is more receptive to the vinyl adhesive
  • It is also more receptive to screen printing ink
  • Purchase as multiples of 5

  • Don't stop there, get a license plate holder to finish off your customizing job. Then add your own Oracal 751 vinyl letters. Have that one and only personalized car!

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