Plotter Art Seamless Texture Tiles - Vol.1

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Plotter Art Seamless Texture Tiles - Vol.1
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Product Details: Plotter Art Seamless Texture Tiles - Vol.1


Each image has been carefully created with the primary aim of being used as a design component in the creation of high resolution designs for print or for print and cut production. Most of the images include extensive use of lighting and three dimensional effects which provide a level of complexity, depth, detail and realism that will make your designs come alive. 

Because each image is a seamless texture tile, they are ideal for creating larger backgrounds and fills for wraps and other design needs.Tiles are simply placed next to one another to create as large a high resolution background as needed for your design. The join points, or seams, are not visible even in huge prints.

The Plotter Art™ Seamless Texture Tile Collection Volume 1 includes 600 beautiful, highly detailed images on DVD-ROM and a 48 page, full color printed User Guide and Image Catalog. 


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