PrismJET VJ 54 Large Format Color Printer SignMaker Deluxe Package

Shipping Weight: 1015.00 lbs.

PrismJET VJ 54 Large Format Color Printer SignMaker Deluxe Package
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Product Details: PrismJET VJ 54 Large Format Color Printer SignMaker Deluxe Package


This package pairs the 54" PrismJET VJ54 wide format color printer, the Daige 55in Cold Laminator with the 54" Vinyl Express Q54 vinyl sign cutter for professional print/cut/lamination production. The SignMaker Deluxe package includes the 54" Daige cold laminator, which is essential for applications like vehicle wraps and floor graphics. Lamination extends outdoor life up to 7 years, protects prints from dirt & abrasion, and makes installing wraps easier. The Vinyl Express Q54 comes with ARMS (Automatic Registration Mark Sensor) so you can print and then contour cut decals, stickers, heat press film and more. And you can also lease this package for a low monthly payment. Start the application process now. Lease Application

Outdoor Durable Output with Vivid Color and High Resolution at High Speed Production - Get a Free Sample Get a Sample Get a Sample Get a Sample Get a Sample

The 54" PrismJET VJ54 is another premium product in our most popular wide format printer line! Why? Thousands of smart sign makers and color print shops already know why and now you can, too. Owning a PrismJET is like owning a license to print money! Well, sort of. Because it prints thousands of high quality images incredibly fast, you'll get a chance to turn that output into stacks of cash!

The professional 54” color printer uses the revolutionary and exclusive Intelligent Interweaving and DropMaster technology by Mutoh! Why can the PrismJET VJ54 generate better output? Traditional inkjet printers lay down ink in a straight line, making it all to easy to see stripes or bands in the finished print. This leads to customer dissatisfaction and prints you simply can’t sell. But the PrismJET VJ54 uses Intelligent Interweaving and DropMaster technology, an exclusive patented technology developed by the famed Mutoh engineering group. What is this technology, you ask? This technology uses an interweaving pattern to virtually eliminate banding, even at higher speeds. It also enriches colors, making blacks blacker, reds brighter and everything else you print look its best.

With its exceptional quality, the PrismJET VJ54 prints on rolled media like sign vinyl, banner material, fine art canvas, photo paper, plus much more. That's versatility! And unlike other wide format printers that need to reduce speed to produce sellable quality prints, the PrismJET VJ54 can stay at optimum production capacity from your first print to your last. The PrismJET VJ54 also boasts a UV durability without lamination for up to 3 years outdoors.*

Plus, you get the SIGNWarehouse advantage: Every PrismJET VJ54 comes with lifetime support plus our outstanding Premium Support Package (PSP) that includes priority access, chat, remote desktop assistance and access to our online knowledge base. Get easy-to-follow tutorials and downloadable ICC profiles, too.

* For heavy duty applications where mechanical stress is involved, lamination is required. Stabilization is required prior to lamination.



PrismJET VJ54 Wide Format Color Printer: One printer. Many applications.

Here are just a few of the way you can make money with a PrismJET VJ54 ecosolvent printer.

Yes you can print vehicle wraps with the PrismJET VJ48


Earn over $5,000/week printing banners with a PrismJET VJ48 outdoor printer

Car wraps, fleet, motor sports, & marine graphics


Indoor and outdoor banners

Wall graphics and floor graphics are great markets for PrismJET printers


exhibition graphics and backlit signage printed on a PrismJET VJ48

Commercial and residential wall and floor graphics


Exhibition graphics and retail backlit signage

Use your PrismJET VJ48 to create lapton skins and decals


Print on dark shirts with a PrismJET VJ48 ecosolvent printer

Peel & stick decals, cell phone & laptop skins


Garment decoration; vivid, graphics on dark shirts

Contents & Specs

  • PrismJET VJ 54 Printer
  • 10 ft Power CordTake-up system for PrismJET 54 in Printer
  • Vinyl Express Q54 54 in Plotter and stand
  • Daige 55 in Cold Laminator & Stand
  • Vinyl Express LXi RIP 12 Software
  • Customer Care 1 year Gold Support Trial
  • EnduraINK Pro 220ml Mutoh VJ Ink - Cyan
  • EnduraINK Pro 220ml Mutoh VJ Ink - Magenta
  • EnduraINK Pro 220ml Mutoh VJ Ink - Yellow
  • EnduraINK Pro 220ml Mutoh VJ Ink - Black
  • EnduraINK Pro 220ml Mutoh VJ Ink - Cleaning Cartridges (qty 4)
  • 25ft Crossover Patch Cable
  • Sample Roll - PrismJET 201 Matte White Vinyl - 27in X 20in
  • Sample Roll - PrismJET 203 Gloss White Vinyl - 27in X 20in
  • Sample Roll - PrismJET 230 Gloss White Vinyl - 27in X 20in
  • Sample Roll - PrismJET 231 Gloss White Vinyl - 27in X 20in
  • 10oz Banner 38in X 40yd Gloss White
  • 54in Core for PJ54 dual motor media take-up system
  • 1yr On-site PrismJET parts warranty


  • Configuration: Digital Servo Friction feed with MicroGrit rollers drive
  • Windows OS compatible only
  • Maximum Cutting Width Vinyl Express Q54: 54 in.
  • Maximum Media Width Vinyl Express Q54: 60.2 in.
  • Cutter Force: 10-400 grams down force
  • Cutting Acceleration: 4g
  • Max. Cutter Speed: 50ips
  • Cutting Method: Friction-fed, high-speed drag blade with Soft Blade Landing and Tangential blade control mode
  • Min. Character Size: 0.125" high, alpha-numeric characters, varies with type of film and font
  • Min. Character Matrix: 0.125" high, Alpha-numeric characters, varies with type of film and font
  • Mechanical Resolution: 0.0002"
  • Repeatability: 0.0039" over 80" travel or better
  • Number of Tool Holders: 1(accepts cutting blade, plotting pen, and pouncing tool)
  • Blade Types: Super steel, ceramic
  • Pen Types: Water-based fiber tip, roller ball, and ceramic tip
  • Buffer: 2MB
  • Ports: RS-232C Serial & USB
  • Commands: HP-GL, GP-GL, control panel selectable
  • Control Panel: 20 digits x 4 lines LCD with comprehensive icon corresponding soft keys
  • Media Supply: Integrated Accuload media supply system, optional media racks (3 additional max.) for tandem holding of up to 4 vinyl rolls
  • Media Pre-Feed: Standard (built-in Smart Feed function automatically unwinds and pre-feeds media for a specified distance upon self-recognition of plot file length)
  • Power Supply: AC 100-240V, 48-62 Hz, auto switching, 120 VA max
  • Operating Environment: 50 degrees to 95 degrees F
  • Pouncing Function: With optional tool
  • Includes Stand
  • Warranty: 2 years, parts and labor
PrismJET VJ54 - Technical Key Specifications
Print Technology Drop-on-demand Micro Piezo Inkjet Technology
Print Head 1
Nozzle Configuration 180 nozzles x 8 lines
Drop Mass Range (pl) 3.5 to 35.2
Head Heights Low: 1.2 mm / High: 2.0 mm
PrismJET VJ54 - Media Specifications
Max. Media Width 1371 mm (53.97”)
Max. Print Width 1361 mm (53.58”)
Max. Media Thickness 0.3 / 1.3 mm *
* : Max. media thickness is specified per head
Media Measurements * Ø 150 mm / 2” & 3” / 19 kg
* : Standard non-motorized roll-off system
Media Drying System Individually controlled pre-heater, fixer & dryer (30 - 50 °C)
PrismJET VJ54 - Performance
Max Resolution Quality (1440 x 1440) 27.5 ft²/h
High Quality (720 x 1440) 3.9 m²/h (41.98 ft²/h)
Quality (720 x 1080) 6.0 m²/h (64.58 ft²/h)
Quality Production (720 x 1080) 7.9 m²/h (85.04 ft²/h)
Production (720 x 720) 11.8 m²/h (127.01 ft²/h)
Speed Production (720 x 720) 16.4 m²/h (176.53 ft²/h)
PrismJET VJ54 - Ink Specifications
Ink Type Eco Ultra                    /  UMS *
Ink Volume 220 ml & 1000 ml *    /  1000 ml *
* : 1000 ml bag requires optional adapter
Ink Colors CMYK
Ink Consumption * 8 ml / m²
* : Average ink consumption @720 dpi - coverage of 67 %
UV durability—without lamination 3 years outdoor *
* : For heavy duty applications where mechanical stress is involved, lamination is required. Stabilization is required prior to lamination.
PrismJET VJ54 - Power Consumption
During Printing < 500 W
In Stand-by 45 W
Warming Up ≤1550 W
Power Supply AC 100-120 V / AC 200-240 - 60/50 Hz
PrismJET VJ54 - Recommended Working Environment
Temperature 22°C - 30 °C with Δt: max. 2 °C/h
Humidity 40% - 60 % (no condensation) with ΔRH: max. 5% RH/h  
PrismJET VJ54 - Machine Measurements 
Width x Depth x Height 1916 x 685 x 1218 mm (75.43" x 26.97" x 47.95")
Weight 82.3 kg (181.44 lbs)


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