PrismJET VJ48 Plus Large Format Color Printer ValuPrint Package


Shipping Weight: 250.00 lbs.

PrismJET VJ48 Plus Large Format Color Printer ValuPrint Package
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8,995.00 $8,295.00

Product Details: PrismJET VJ48 Plus Large Format Color Printer ValuPrint Package


PrismJET VJ48 PLUS Wide Format Color Printer

Outdoor Durable Output with Vivid Color and High Resolution at High Speed Production

This is our most popular wide format printer! Why? Thousands of smart sign makers and color print shops already know why and now you can, too. The PrismJET VJ48 Plus is a license to print money! Well, sort of. Because it prints thousands of high quality images incredibly fast, you'll get a chance to turn that output into stacks of cash!
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The professional 48” color printer uses the revolutionary and exclusive Wave Printing (Intelligent Interweave Print) technology! Why can the PrismJET VJ48 Plus generate better output? Traditional inkjet printers lay down ink in a straight line, making it all to easy to see stripes or bands in the finished print. This leads to customer dissatisfaction and prints you simply can’t sell. But the PrismJET VJ48 Plus uses Wave Printing, an exclusive patented technology developed by the famed Mutoh engineering group. What is Wave Printing, you ask? Wave Printing uses an interweaving pattern to virtually eliminate banding, even at higher speeds. Wave Printing also enriches colors, making blacks blacker, reds brighter and everything else you print look its best. More information on Wave Printing Technology - Click Here

The PrismJET VJ48 PLUS also prints on rolled media plus pre-grommeted banner media. With it’s exceptional quality, you can print on sign vinyl, banner material, fine art canvas, photo paper, plus much more. That's a big plus! For a complete list of media the PrismJET VJ48 PLUS prints on - Click Here

And unlike other wide format printers that need to reduce speed to product sellable quality prints, the PrismJET VJ48 Plus can stay at optimum production capacity from your first print to your last. With the SIGNWarehouse advantage, every PrismJET VJ48 Plus comes with lifetime support plus our outstanding Premium Support Package (PSP) that includes priority access, chat, remote desktop assistance and access to our online knowledge base. Get easy-to-follow tutorials and downloadable ICC profiles, too.

PrismJET VJ48 Plus Features

• The VJ48 Plus is convertible! Print on normal media as well as Mutoh pre-seamed and/or pre-grommeted banner material.

• Conversion is a simple 60 second operation: Remove right plate, remove one left plate to match width of banner material, load media, and print!

• Pre-grommeted banner material available in 3 widths: 24", 36" and 48".

• Uses the same high quality eco solvent inks as all PrismJET VJ and Mutoh ValueJET printers.

• The PrismJET VJ48 Plus uses special pre-grommeted and seamed media in which a pair of grommets are placed every 2 feet for easy cutting and finishing.

• Replace plates to print on all normal PrismJET media. SignWarehouse stocks over 100 varieties of media for the PrismJET VJ48. Click here to browse.



PrismJET VJ48: One printer. Many applications.

Here are just a few of the way you can make money with a PrismJET VJ48 ecosolvent printer.
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Yes you can print vehicle wraps with the PrismJET VJ48


Earn over $5,000/week printing banners with a PrismJET VJ48 outdoor printer

Car wraps, fleet, motor sports, & marine graphics


Indoor and outdoor banners

Wall graphics and floor graphics are great markets for PrismJET printers


exhibition graphics and backlit signage printed on a PrismJET VJ48

Commercial and residential wall and floor graphics


Exhibition graphics and retail backlit signage

Use your PrismJET VJ48 to create lapton skins and decals


Print on dark shirts with a PrismJET VJ48 ecosolvent printer

Peel & stick decals, cell phone & laptop skins


Garment decoration; vivid, graphics on dark shirts

PrismJET VJ48 Plus Profitability

The PrismJET VJ48 Plus will make your banner business more efficient by saving time, reducing labor costs, and production time. Take those just-in-time banner orders with confidence. Increase customer satisfaction, revenue, and profits. Here's how...

PrismJET VJ48 Plus vs. Outsourced 2’ x 6’ Banners

Sold at $96.00 each ($8.00/sf)

VJ48 Plus Production cost: $9.00ea.

Outsourced Banner Cost: $23 + shipping = $36ea.

Gross Profit: $87.00 ea

Gross Profit: $60.00 ea

Additional gross profit of $27.00 per banner

100% ROI* at 444 banner sales

PrismJET VJ48 Plus vs. Outsourced Finishing of 2’ x 6’ Banners

Sold at $96.00 each ($8.00/sf)

Printing in-house, outsourced Finishing

Printing in-house with PrismJET VJ48 Plus

In house ink cost: $3.00ea. (25¢/sf)

In house ink cost: $3.00ea. (25¢/sf)

In house unfinished banner cost: $2.04 (17¢/sf)

In house finished banner cost: $6.00 (50¢/sf)

Outsource Grommet charge: $6.00 ($1/grommet)


Outsource hem charge: $12.00 ($1/sf)


Shipping: $12.00


Total cost: $35.04 ($2.92/sf)

Total banner cost: $9.00 ea. (75¢/sf)

Gross profit per banner: $60.96

Gross profit per banner: $87.00ea


100% ROI* at 460 banner sales

PrismJET VJ48 Plus with Pre-grommeted Banners vs. Standard Banners

Sold at $96.00 each ($8.00/sf)

Maximum production at 143sf/hr; approximately 10 2 x 6 banners per hour.

Maximum production at 143sf/hr; approximately 10 2 x 6 banners per hour.

Estimated production time / banner: 16 minutes

Estimated production time / banner: 6 minutes

Six hours of production time  = 22 banners

Six hours of production time = 60 banners

Total sales: $1,112.00

Total sales: $5,760.00


500% increase in potential productivity.


Contents & Specs

PrismJET VJ48 Plus ValuPrint Package Contents:

  • PrismJET VJ48 Plus Large Format Color Printer
  • Vinyl Express LXi RIP Software
  • 1 Set of EnduraINK PRO Inks (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)
  • 4 Cleaning Cartridges
  • Sample Rolls (27in X 20ft) of PrismJET 201(white), PrismJET 203(gloss) and PrismJET 222(matte white)
  • 38" x 40 yd Roll PrismJET 10oz Banner Media
  • Ethernet Crossover Cable
  • Basic One Year On-Site Warranty
  • Lifetime Support plus Initial 90 days Premium Support

PrismJET VJ48 PLUS Color Printer Specifications

  • Printhead: 8 channel, Drop-on-Demand Dynamic Variable Dot Epson Micro Piezoelectric
  • 3 Heaters: Individually controlled pre-, platen- and post-heaters
  • Resolution Options: 1440, 720, 540, 360 (Max 1440 x 1440)
  • Maximum Media Width: 50"
  • Maximum Print Width: 48"
  • Print Mode Options: 12 modes (resolutions, passes and carriage speed)
  • Print Control Options: Media microstep adjust, origin reset, automatic head cleaning, dry time interval between copies
  • Ink Capacity: 220ml per color with 4 ink reservoirs (220ml & 440ml on 64" and 100" models)
  • Available Ink Options: Eco-Solvent Ultra ink & EnduraINK Pro-No lamination required in normal applications. Heavy duty applications, such as car wraps, floor graphics, etc., require lamination.
  • Head Height Adjustment: 1.5, 2.3 mm
  • LCD Display: 4 line x 20 character
  • Interface: 100Base-TX Fast Ethernet NIC
  • Roll Handling: 12" or 3" core, 42 lbs
  • Media Handling: Sheet, front feed/front exit roll, rear feed/front exit

What are industry experts and customers saying about PrismJET VJ48 technology?

Once I saw the end-results of the printers output I realized that Mutoh did not need to hide anything by inventing nonsensical PR blather. The ... Mutoh ValueJet [is] capable of printing true photographic quality: I call it “exhibit quality,” meaning worthy of being exhibited in a museum.

Nicholas Helmuth, publisher of the FLAAR reports


"This... is revolutionary in the piezo printing application world. Intelligent Interweaving increases the accuracy and consistency of dot size. The quality is really superior to many other models out there. We are running everything on it from t-shirts to signs and banners,"

Mark Brown, owner Mark's Quick Printing.

Read the FLAAR Report on Mutoh's Wave Print Innovation


Read Wide-Format Imaging Review of Mutoh ValueJET 1204

"I spent a lot of time reading articles and going to graphic shows looking for the printer that would best suit my business and that would also be environmentally friendly... this printer offered everything that I was looking for in a printer. I have been extremely pleased with my printer and even more pleased with the service and support that I have gotten from Sign Warehouse."

Brent Broyles, Creative Design & Imaging


"We have been associated with the graphics industry for many years and had become accustomed to working with the six and eight color Mutoh inkjet printers to obtain the required photo quality. So, we were a little apprehensive about the PismJET VJ48 (ValueJET) being only four-color. The “Wave Technology” has exceeded our expectations and the results have been fantastic."

Al Moander & Lori Weber, SunSign, LLC


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