Reflective 914 Vinyl Off - 1 gallon bottle

Reflective 914 Vinyl Off - 1 gallon bottle


Shipping Weight: 9.00 lbs.



Use Vinyl Off to remove vinyl graphics and ink jet media quickly. Apply and let set from 5-15 minutes depending on vinyl thickness, then remove vinyl. Vinyl Off is the biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable miracle adhesive remover!

Vinyl-Off vinyl and adhesive remover is a biodegradable liquid that's as safe as soap and water. It removes vinyl from vehicles, windows, and more. It even works on old, hard-to-remove graphics by rejuvenating both the vinyl and the adhesive layer for easier removal. Much easier, in fact, by as much as 90 percent.

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A little Vinyl-Off goes a long way when removing old vinyl from vehicles! But, some sign-makers, accustomed to using massive amounts of solvents and cleaners, tend to over do it with Vinyl-Off. That wastes product and could potentially affect painted surfaces. So, follow these simple steps, as recommended by the maker's of Vinyl-Off. So, here's how to use Vinyl-Off correctly:

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Vinyl Off Adhesive Remover Fluid MSDS

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