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Product Details: RESOLVE Plus



We are always asked when will you provide a heat transfer material that has the softness of screenprinting? The answer RIGHT NOW! Introducing RESOLVE PLUS the softest hand on the market! In fact it is so soft that it feels more like a process screened image not a plastic feel. Do we have your attention? RESOLVE PLUS has been the secret weapon of screen printers for creating intricate designs as well. It was one of the first films on the market in a matte finish. It was and still is a leader of sporting goods stores that number and letter team uniforms.

In addition to its softness RESOLVE PLUS offers the richest vibrant non-fade colorfast films with superior durability and stretchability. The carrier has been developed for either standard or high detail in that it has just the right amount of adhesive to help with the weeding but not so much that it slows down the process. Try some today and see if you agree that this is the new leader in the heat applied industry.

• Matte finish for cotton, polyester and acrylic fabrics
• 50 colors
• Very thin soft and super stretchable
• 2.2 - 2.4 mil
• High speed cutting ultra-fine detail easy weeding
• 45 degree Blade

Application Directions: Reverse cut through adhesive layer to plastic backing. Weed excess material. Lay cut pattern on fabric. Cover design area with Teflon sheet. Heat transfer at 300 degree F for 20 seconds with high pressure. Peel cold. Transferred image can be covered with Teflon and reheated if necessary.

Wash Instructions: Do not exceed water temperatures of 180 degree F. Can be dry-cleared. Do not dry in tumble dryer.


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