Retail - 1200 Vector Images - BeeLine

Retail - 1200 Vector Images - BeeLine


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This collection contains 1200 vector merchandizing images for use on any store sign or advertisement. This volume contains illustrations dealing with furniture, carpet and rugs, lights and lighting, clothing, automobiles, books, and more. Also, 52 appliances of all sorts including: irons, vacuums, blenders, mixers, washers, microwaves, and even electric knives. 59 TV's and stereos, old Victrola's, boom boxes, tape recorders, 20 cameras, and video equipment. This volume of Retail has shoes, eyeglasses, clocks, bakeries, butchers, store keepers, pharmacists, sales people of different sorts, retail and grocery clerks, along with 35 grocery store images. Over 150 shoppers (men, women, children, families and couples), shopping bags and packages.

Comes on CD-ROM and includes a 51 page soft cover book showing each vector illustration and its file name. EPS format.

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