Roland CAMM-1 GS-24 Cutter and/or Stand


Roland CAMM-1 GS-24 Cutter and/or Stand
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Product Details: Roland CAMM-1 GS-24 Cutter and/or Stand



Roland Camm-1 GS-24 Desktop Vinyl Cutter with digital servo motor, overlap cutting for thick materials, and perforated cutting for "pop-out" decals. The GS-24 has 40% more cutting force than the GX-24 due to an advanced new head design. The GS-24 is Roland's most advanced desktop vinyl cutter ever.

  • Cuts TrueType fonts without the need for outlining
  • Vectorization tool generates cut lines from any JPG or bitmap image
  • Quickly and easily enlarges , reduces, positions, rotates, and mirrors images
  • BMP, JPG, STX, AI and EPS file formats are all supported
  • Compatible with Windows® 7, Vista and XP
  • Includes plug-ins for latest Adobe® Illustrator® (Mac & PC) and CorelDRAW® (PC only)
  • Works with all professional signmaking software
  • Bundled with all Roland CAMM-1 series and STIKA vinyl cutters
  • Compatible with previous CAMM-1 cutters, including PNC, CM, CX and GX series

The Roland CAMM-1 GS-24 desktop cutter is precision and efficiency—to the max. With a completely redesigned cutting carriage and blade holder, the GS-24 offers great stability and down force of up to 350 grams. Translation: you can cut like never before—even on thick, dense substrates. Vehicle Graphics. Signs & Decals. Decorated Apparel. Specialty Graphics. And more. With cutting edge capabilities and unmatched reliability, backed by a 3-Year Trouble-Free Warranty*, the GS-24 is Roland's best desktop cutter ever.

Keep it Simple.

With a newly-designed LCD panel, precise blade groove on its apron for easy manual cutting, and an included roller base that keeps feeds straight, we made sure the GS-24 is as easy to use as it is technologically-advanced.

It’s All Material.

With its completely re-designed cutting carriage and blade holder, the GS-24 isn't just for vinyl cutting. It accepts a range of additional materials (two inches to 27.5 inches wide), including paint mask, twill, heat transfer and sandblast material. The GS-24 does it all.

Measure once. Cut 10-times.

The GS-24 features state-of-the-art overlap cutting (up to 10-times), half or perforated cutting, and the ability to cut by line color. Now, complicated workflows are easier than ever.

Strength comes from within.

GS-24 flexes its muscles with up to 350 grams of force (a 39.5% increase)—making cutting and weeding thick substrates like magnetic materials a piece of cake.

Crop Mark Recognition.

With included optical registration system, the GS-24 recognizes desktop printer crop marks, perfectly aligning the media to create, precise cuts each and every time.

Meet The Maestro.

Included Roland CutStudio plug-in software is specially-designed to harmoniously work with Roland cutters, allowing you to quickly, easily, and effectively output cut graphics, including resizing, repositioning, rotatnig, and mirroring images. The GS-24 also cuts oversized images using a using an improved tiling function, and cuts true type fonts without the need for outlining. CutStudio supports BMP, JPG, STX, AI, and EPS file formats, and can cut directly from Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. Cut Studio works on Mac & PC.

Speed Thats Spot On.

Thanks to a highly innovative digital servomotor, the GS-24 can handle vinyl cutting assignments, as well as cutting jobs involving other types of materials, at speeds of up to 20 inches per second. But speed without accuracy doesn’t mean anything. That’s where our curve-smoothing function comes in—precisely cutting at the highest speeds to optimize productivity and efficiency.

Create contour cut graphics, pin-striping and more for cars, trucks, jet skis, and other vehicles, create customized t-shirts, eye-catching signage. Start a new business from personalized promotional products and accessories, to apparel and packaging on unique substrates. With incredibly powerful cutting features, GR cutters handle a huge range of thick and thin media with ultimate precision and ease. It's the ideal machine for both large format boat and airplane graphics, and for quick window tinting and bumper sticker jobs.

  • Custom and fleet vehicle graphics
  • Apparel decoration
  • Reflective graphics
  • Signs and banners
  • Labels and decals
  • Wall décor and more

What can I do with this cutter?

Eye-catching Signage Decals ready for sale Cut Window Tint with precision Rhinestone application quick & easy

Whether it is apparel, labels and decals, reflectives, signs, package prototyping or decor, no matter, the possibilites are limitless!

Bring the Heat
The GS-24 is perfect for cutting heat-applied materials. It allows you to really heat up your apparel production by personalizing t-shirts, jerseys, caps, jackets, gym bags, and more.

Sign Up For Superiority
Turn heads and increase foot traffic. Quickly and easily create vibrant, eye-catching, unique signage.

Dial Up Your Decals
Utilize the easily selectable half-cut function—so you can create decals ready for individual sale. This feature not only minimizes the need for weeding, but also improves post-production workflow.

Graphics Are Our Specialty
Looking to build your specialty graphics business? To offer everything from personalized promotional products and accessories, to apparel and packaging on unique substrates? It’s all possible with the highly versatile, high performance, easy-to-use GS-24.

Every Seat is a Window Seat
The GS-24 opens up windows of opportunity! With software like FilmDesign Pro, you can cut any brand of vehicle window tint with immaculate precision.

Clear Paint Protecction
Keep your vehicle’s paint pristine. Shield it from flying rocks, debris, shopping carts, and more by using the GS-24 to precisely and easily cut urethane paint protection films.

Bling It On
R-WearStudio, our patented software designed for apparel, makes rhinestone application quick, easy, and right on the money.

Contents & Specs

  • Chosen Roland CAMM-1 GS-24 Desktop Vinyl Cutter with Stand OR the Roland Cutter Stand
  • Chosen Sign Vinyl Kit
  • Chosen HTV Kit
  • Chosen Tool Kit
  • Chosen Supply Kit

  • Size: 24 inch
  • Stand: Yes, dimensions with stand 33.5 in (W) X 12.2 (D) X 40.75 (H) 
  • Downforce: 30-350 grams
  • Drive motor: Servo Motor
  • Tracking: 180 inches
  • Speed:  up to 419.69 in/sec
  • Cutting Method: Media-moving method
  • Interface: USB interface (compliant with Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 2.0 Full Speed, Connecting Multiple Units)
  • Basic Warranty: 3 years
  • Extended Warranty: 5 years

Note: Included items with each cutter: AC adapter, power cord, blade, blade holder, roller base, alignment tool, USB cable, Set Up guide

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