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Seasons - 1250 Vector Images - BeeLine
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Product Details: Seasons - 1250 Vector Images - BeeLine


Contains 2800 vector images of winter, spring, summer, and fall activities. Included are flower, birds, bees, frogs, catching butterfly illustrations, barbeques, picnics, camping and camp fire. Also ice cream, and tropical drinks. There are over 200 by the beach or pool illustrations and images, thermometers, "its hot" illustrations, wind effects, leaves, apple harvests, mushroom gathering, gardening, chilly air, 40 umbrellas, rainy day situations & images, turning the clock back, winter faces with scarf's, ski goggles, red checks, frozen noses and over 120 images of winter such as shoveling snow, car problems, snowmen, ice skating, sledding, snowball fights, snowmobiling, toboggans, skiing and snow shoes. Animal images include polar bears having fun or "NOT," penguins, walrus's, hibernating bears, and giraffes wearing scarf's. You get over 100 suns in shapes and with smiles, frowns, sketches and silhouettes to match all seasons. Moons and stars for every season and some with personality. And much more!

Comes on CD-ROM and includes a 54 page soft cover book showing each vector illustration and its file name. EPS format.

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