Sublimation Toner & Drum cartridge kit for iColor 600

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Sublimation Toner & Drum cartridge kit for iColor 600
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Product Details: Sublimation Toner & Drum cartridge kit for iColor 600


The iColor sublimation toner upgrade kit is an easy way to add the benefits of dye sublimation to your laser transfer solution. The release of this specialty sublimation toner kit allows users to enhance their iColor Digital Transfer Printer capabilities by using the same machine for four different uses: Heat transfer printing with white overprint, right side reading with white underprint, regular CMYK prints without white and now sublimation transfer printing. Easily swap back and forth between regular toner and the sublimation toner, eliminating the need to purchase separate machines to accomplish each function.

This new toner technology offers multiple benefits compared to sublimation ink systems. Toner based systems do not require priming or cleaning, nor is it necessary to use the printer regularly to prevent clogging of ink heads. UniNet iColor Sublimation cartridges offer higher yields than competing ink sublimation systems, and prints at much higher speeds for greater efficiency and productivity.

  • Easy toner and drum cartridge swap means you can switch to sublimation in seconds with no need to flush anything
  • Expands the envelope for hard surface decoration
  • Expands options for softer apparel decoration
  • Add another decoration method without having to by a dedicated printer
  • Sublimation at a much lower cost per image


    White and pastel polyester fabric and white, pastel and metal polymer-coated sublimation blanks: Decorate shirts, scarves, performance apparel, mouse pads, license plate blanks, mugs, cell phone covers, bracelets, etc.

  • Open printer, remove standard CMYK toner and drum cartridge without separating toner from drum
  • Insert sublimation toner and drum cartridges in the same positions
  • Print mirror image using standard paper media type setting
  • Apply to apparel or substrate using standard sublimation heat and temperature guidelines
  • Contents & Specs
  • Kit includes four sublimation toner cartridges and four image drums

  • Specifications:
  • The toner cartridges are pre-inserted in the image drums and ready to install. When the toner cartridge is depleted, simply order a replacement toner cartridge and continue to use the drum cartridge.
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