Substrate Double Decker Rack - Stacking Kit

Shipping Weight: 25.00 lbs.

Substrate Double Decker Rack - Stacking Kit
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Product Details: Substrate Double Decker Rack - Stacking Kit


The Horizontal Substrate Storage Rack Stacking Kit lets you maximize your shop's floor space by stacking two horizontal substrate racks on top of each other. Simply use the 8 joiner tubes to connect the top frame of one storage rack with the bottom rack frames of the upper one. 4 stability bars form two X straps, which are used to join the upper and lower rack sides, using self-tapping metal screws. 

Always bolt down your storage racks for extra safety and to prevent accidental tipping

This item has high weight & dimensions so ships via truck from factory.

NOTE: Kit is just the connector kit. It does not include the two substrate racks (SE-SUBR-48X5) you will still need to buy.


Contents & Specs
Kit includes:
8 - Joiner bars
4 - Stability bars
2 - Bolts
2 - Nuts
8 - Self-tapping metal screws
Color: Black

Dimensions: approx. 135"H X 48"W X 96"L overall (twice the vertical height of the horizontal rack (59") plus a little more for the leg connectors.
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