Upgrade i-DesignR to I-DesignR-Pro

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Upgrade i-DesignR to I-DesignR-Pro
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Product Details: Upgrade i-DesignR to I-DesignR-Pro


i-DesignR Pro is Graphtec’s exclusive graphic design software package for use with the CE5000 and FC8000 series cutting plotters. i-DesignR Pro includes powerful vector editing, import filters, and automatic rhinestone pattern creation applied to your vector design — for the ultimate, custom apparel application. You can design using shape tools, clipart and single line fonts. The software includes a full Swarovski rhinestone library, rhinestone count and project cost capabilities, and multiple automatic fill patterns.

i-DesignR Pro also contains all the standard sign-specific layout tools and a full suite of text, vector and raster design tools for traditional vinyl signs, contour cut (Print and Cut) decals and stickers. Designs for heat transfer material can also be created for personalized shirts, sports wear, caps and more!

This design program includes all of the features of i-DesignR and i-DesignR Lite, but also features spell checker, font creator, job notes, email proofs and several new special effects!

• Import and Export features
• Print and cut applications
• Vinyl sign design
• Rhinestone templates
• Single line fonts
• Photo machine/image cut
• Fuse weld
• Registration marks
• Link EPS
• Link Bitmaps
• Built in TWAIN support


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