Vehicles and Traffic - 1250 Vector Images - BeeLine


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Vehicles and Traffic - 1250 Vector Images - BeeLine
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Product Details: Vehicles and Traffic - 1250 Vector Images - BeeLine


This collection contains 1250 vector images of the roadway. Transportation, signs, old and new style. Hundreds of all different cars including wrecked cars, cars getting washed and worked on, older cars like Model T's and even smiling Volkswagen bugs. Car repair illustrations also include separate car parts from steering wheels, batteries, spark plugs to mufflers, tires and more. Engines, mechanics, service stations, gas pumps and car wash images.

89 highway and directional signs including stop lights. Traffic cops, police, 12 emergency vehicles, wreckers, 25 tractors, logging trucks and military vehicles.60 illustrations dealing with trains, over 40 planes, also helicopters, blimps, crop dusting, military planes, and space ships. 60 bicycles including old time ones, motorcycles and mopeds, stage coaches, horse and rickshaw carriages, hot air balloons and even dog sleds. The over 90 images of ships and boats include: rowboats, speed boats, sail boats, fishing boats, Galleons, steam river paddle boats, kayaks, canoes, rafts, submarines, cruise, and navy boats. And, more!

Comes on CD-ROM and includes a 53 page soft cover book showing each vector illustration and its file name. EPS format.

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