Vinyl Express LXi Apprentice 12 - Vinyl Cutter Sign Making Software


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Product Details: Vinyl Express LXi Apprentice 12 - Vinyl Cutter Sign Making Software


Vinyl Express LXi Apprentice is a professional quality signmaking software for vinyl cutting, T-shirt transfers, and other vector graphics. It is the entry-level version of the LXi software line. VE LXi Apprentice is a complete text and layout program that utilizes both Windows TrueType and Adobe Type 1 fonts. (NOTE: Expanded graphic design, scanning/auto-tracing and contour cut capabilities are available in VE LXi Expert, Master & Master Plus versions.) VE LXi Apprentice allows simultaneous cutting and layout of signs. Flexi-SIGN compatible. Mirror Imaging / Basic Borders 51+ Import/Export filters (EPS, DXF, etc.). LXi Apprentice can be used with other graphic design software products like CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrator.

Vinyl Express has been a leading brand in the sign industry for over 30 years, delivering OEM quality and features at the SignWarehouse price. Fully compatible with Windows 8 and 10, the Vinyl Express LXi product line includes a full range of levels with feature sets designed to match the needs of every sign maker from beginners to seasoned professionals.

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New Features (Check your version for its new features):

  • View/Change Vinyl Cut Order
  • Animated Cut Viewer
  • Contour Cut True Shape Nesting
  • Open/Import Multiple Files
  • Non-proportional scaling of template
  • Send as E-mail by selection Only
  • Quick View UI
  • Artwork Approval Tool
  • Nesting Alignment Controls
  • CleanColor™ PureHue Enhancement
  • Stochastic Gradient Enhancement
  • Add Choke / Bleed for White and Metallic Spot
  • New Device Drivers: Cutters: Vinyl Express EnduraCUT 3, Roland GS-24, ALL Flexi-supported cutters
  • New Device Drivers: Printers: PrismJET VJ24, PrismJET VJ24X
  • Design Central Interactive Toolbox

  • Design and Production Features:

  • Fonts on the Fly
  • Vertical Text
  • Design Central - Page Setup
  • Design Central - Fonts & Kerning
  • Design Central - Shape Tools
  • Bezier Path Tool
  • Path Edit Tool
  • Freehand Draw Tool
  • Fill/Stroke Editor -fills
  • Fill/Stroke Editor - stroke
  • Fill/Stroke Editor - transparent fills
  • Shape Tools
  • Measure Tool
  • Zoom Tool
  • Group/Ungroup
  • Compound/Uncompound
  • Mask/Unmask
  • Vinyl Color Libraries - ORACAL
  • Vinyl Color Libraries - 651 Palette
  • Archive to Cloud
  • Cloud tools & templates (SAI server screen superimposed on LXi GUI)
  • Color Specs
  • Import File Formats
  • Export File Formats
  • ~~~~~~~Production Manager Features ~~~~~~~~~~

  • Plotter Drivers: 27 manufacturers
  • Automatic Tiling
  • Cut by Color
  • Remote Plotter controls (speed, force, offset)
  • Various precision plotting controls
  • Multiple Plotter setups
  • Applications
    Vinyl Express LXi Apprentice is a basic production application designed for use with other graphic design software products like CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrator. You can even use the Workspace Profiles option to change the Graphic User Interface to look like your favorite graphic design software. The tool set is fairly simple and supports unadorned text and shapes. But it comes with the essential interactive elements that make LXi easy to learn and all the plotter drivers and tools that optimize cutting and weeding. Because of the simple tool set, it’s not recommended as a standalone design platform. Here are some of the main features.

  • Design Central is an interactive, context sensitive tool window that displays various tools according the objects you have selected on your workspace. This feature makes it easy to work quickly because it eliminates the need to search for the right tool as you move from one task to another. Design Central greatly reduces the learning curve and speeds productivity.

    LXi Apprentice includes the handy Fill & Stroke editor, color libraries for over 40 brands of vinyl, unlimited undos/redos, basic shape tools, and over 50 compatible file formats for importing and exporting data. You'll also enjoy basic object control tools like rotate/resize/mirror, group/ungroup, compound/uncompound, convert to outlines, align tools and much more.

    Since LXi Apprentice is cloud-based software, you also have a 'Cloud pane' that enables archiving your files online and provides instant access to SAI's extensive library of clip art images, logos, and templates. You need not be onlline to use it. An internet connection is required for installation and occasional server contact to maintain the license.

    New Features for Apprentice include the ability to view and change the cut order, and animated cut viewer and of course, fully supported Windows 8/10 compatibility.

  • The heart of LXI Apprentice is its Production Manager. Production Manager is a separate application launched by the File/Cut-Plot command. It includes a plotter driver library supporting hundreds of vinyl cutter models from Vinyl EXPRESS, Graphtec, Roland, Summa, Mutoh, Mimaki, and more. Production Manager helps manage the entire cutting process, from selecting devices and editing image attributes to fine tuning the cutter’s performance. Production Manager includes a Device Manager with intuitive tools for managing your cutting devices. From here you can add, remove, activate or deactivate plotters, test connectivity, change ports, send test cuts and more.

    The Cut/Plot window is divided into four tabs that house tools for managing the image and the cutter performance. The first two tabs support image editing including rotating, resizing, repositioning, inverting, or duplicating images, cutting by color, tiling, and more. The Options and Advanced tabs house tools for fine tuning the cutter’s performance. Here you can manage speed, force, and offset settings, add cut paths to speed and facilitate weeding the cut graphic, add registration marks, manage overcut, trapping, welding, and more. Even if you’re designing in a third party application, you should learn and use Production Manager to output your jobs. The staggering array of tools in the LXI Production Manager is based on over 30 years of sign industry experience and will help you manage your output like a pro.
  • Contents & Specs
    What you receive with your chosen Customer Care: (Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold)

    Hardware Requirements:
  • Windows PC with at least 1 GB or RAM (4GB of RAM is recommended)
  • Screen resolution of 1125 x 854 with 16-bit color or higher
  • 1GB of free hard drive space
  • 4GB of working space
  • Compatible OS - Windows 8 or 10

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