Vinyl Express LXi Master Plus 12 - Vinyl Cutter Sign Making Software


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Product Details: Vinyl Express LXi Master Plus 12 - Vinyl Cutter Sign Making Software


Vinyl Express LXi Master Plus is our top of the line version. It’s designed for the signmaker who wants a powerful program to complete virtually any job a client can ask for. LXi Master Plus includes all of the powerful features of LXi Master and Expert and much more. With Master Plus you have ability to create templates, apply effects and filters, and even use the Rhinestone Wizard engraving fills. If you want a full featured signmaking program, LXi Master Plus is it.

Vinyl Express LXi is professional quality signmaking software for vinyl cutting, T-shirt transfers, and other vector graphics. Vinyl Express has been a leading brand in the sign industry for over 30 years, delivering OEM quality and features at the SignWarehouse price. LXi is fully compatible with Windows 8 and 10. The Vinyl Express LXi product line includes a full range of levels with feature sets designed to match the needs of every sign maker from beginners to seasoned professionals.

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Master Plus Features:

  • All of the features of LXi Expert and Master
  • New Artwork Approval Tool
  • Color Trace Vectorization
  • Pattern Fills
  • Templates: Apply, Create, & Edit
  • Job Estimation
  • Fans, Arrows, Parametric Shapes
  • Text Spacing, Insert Symbol, Distribute Objects
  • Effects: Blend/Separate Overlap
  • Bitmap Filters: Reduce Noise, Blur, Sharpen, Levels, Brightness&Contrast, etc
  • Bitmap Color Editing Tools: Bitmap Lasso/Magic Wand/Crop/Stamp
  • Includes Rhinestone Wizard engraving fills


Vinyl Express LXI Master Plus has all the great features of LXi Expert and Master and much more. Among the unique features in the top-level of LXi cutting software, you’ll find expanded shape tools, pattern fills, color bitmap editing tools, the Rhinestone Wizard and job info and statistics.

Having expanded shape tools seems unimportant until you have to create a perfectly symmetrical arrowhead. To save time finessing the path edit tools to achieve symmetry, the Master Plus shape toolbox adds fans, arrows, and parametric shapes to the standard rectangles and ellipses. These shape tools can save you design time, and as we all know, time is money.

Speaking of time and money, the Job info / Job Statistics feature is one of the most practical elements in Master Plus. Job Statistics keeps track of exactly how much time you’ve spent working on a specific job. This supports billing for design time and helps manage efficiency. Job Info adds fields for recording Purchase order numbers, customer contact information, internal sales date, order and delivery dates and more. Together, Job Info and Job Statistics are good basic business management tools.

Color Bitmap editing is a great tool set for desktop print and cut workflow. Suppose someone wants to you print a decal of their grandbaby on a shirt, but they want only the child’s face without the surrounding background? How do you delete the background from the supplied image? You use the bitmap editing tools. The crop tool allows you to select only a rectangular portion of an imported bitmap. The magic wand and associated make background transparent function make those unwanted pixels go poof. Then you can create the contour cut path around Junior’s adorable face and create a high quality, high profit, custom decorated garment.

In addition to the gradient fills in LXi Master, Master Plus adds pattern fills to give you another layer of design options. There are eight preset pattern fills including brick, diamond plate, and polka dot.

The Rhinestone Wizard feature, which was an option in LXI Cloud, is now standard with Master Plus. Rhinestone Wizard is a plug-in which allows you to convert vector graphics into rhinestone patterns for garment decoration. Rhinestone garment decoration is so popular and profitable that some people buy the entire equipment package just for this application. Since it comes in the Master Plus level, you’ll also have all the design tools you need to create compelling rhinestone designs.

Contents & Specs
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Hardware Requirements:
  • Windows PC with at least 1 GB or RAM (4GB of RAM is recommended)
  • Screen resolution of 1125 x 854 with 16-bit color or higher
  • 1GB of free hard drive space
  • 4GB of working space
  • Compatible OS - Windows 8 or 10

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