Vinyl Express Qe6000 Vinyl Cutter & Sign Shop in a Box Package


Shipping Weight: 112.00 lbs.

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Product Details: Vinyl Express Qe6000 Vinyl Cutter & Sign Shop in a Box Package


Vinyl Express Qe6000 Decal, Sign & Graphics Vinyl Cutter with Sign Shop in a Box!

The Qe6000 is a versatile sign making, decal and graphics production machine. This Qe6000 package includes just about everything you need to get started making popular and profitable vinyl decal, sign or auto graphics business. It includes professional VE LXi sign design software and our exclusive SW Sign Shop in a Box!

  • See CONTENTS & SPECS for complete details

The Qe6000 is part of the prestigious family of Vinyl Express Q-Series cutters. Designed for the serious professional and built with superior technology, this vinyl sign cutter defines what premium performance is. So accurate and reliable, you might say that the Qe6000, like all the Q-Series cutters, performs as delicately as a ballet dancer yet works as hard as a lumberjack.

These vinyl cutters are a first choice of car and vehicle wrappers, custom apparel decorators, automotive window tinting shops and the monument industry. Why? The precisioncrafted media rollers, rugged extruded media stand, advanced cutting head, integrated media handling and easy multifunction controls handle tough jobs and difficult media with speed and accuracy. Cuts everything from thermal transfer materials to paint mask with ease.

The Vinyl Express Qe and Q-Series cutters are built exclusively for SignWarehouse by a manufacturer that's the world leader in performance and quality — a company whose name is literally synonymous with class-leading cut quality and bulletproof reliability.

The Vinyl Express name allows us to offer you both premium quality and unparalleled value at the same time. If you’re serious about the business of sign-making, the Vinyl Express Qe and Q-Series are built with you in mind. Thousands of satisfied customers can't be wrong!

Vinyl Express Qe6000 Vinyl Sign Cutter


What can I do with this cutter?

Custom decorate t-shirts and apparel Personalize vehicles Grab attention with yard signs Add wall words and sayings

The sky's the limit!

Contour cut pre-printed digital color images precisely using the Qe6000's ARMS registration mark sensor capability to create custom stunning decals, stickers and more.

Create, cut and then heat press logos, sayings and graphics onto T-shirts, tablecloths, linens and other fabrics. And with the wide variety of heat press material films available, you can choose glitter and specialty films for extra pizzazz. Also cut rhinestone stencil for those sparkling designs!

Design and cut graphics and lettering for walls and windows. Letters, words, quotes and names can personalize any room from the kitchen to the nursery. Add elegance, make a statement or add visual interest to homes, apartments and offices.

Personalize vehicles by adding a custom license plate or decal onto vehicles. Make those cute stick figures of people or critters you see on loads of vans and SUVs! Add some pin stripping, flames or flourishes to make that truck stand out. Don't forget you can also apply designs and decals onto motorcycles and ATVs.

Make yard signs by cutting and applying vinyl lettering to corrugated plastic blanks, using a simple stand to place into the ground.

Design banners for grand openings, sales, closings and weddings. Draw extra attention to businesses and special events.

Apply cut lettering and graphics onto magnetic material for removable vehicle signage. Pre-cut magnetic blank sets make it easy and simple.

Contents & Specs

Qe6000 Decal, Sign & Graphics Package Contents

  • Qe6000 24" Vinyl Cutter and Stand
  • LXi Expert Software - CLOUD Based
  • Lifetime Support plus Initial 90 Days Premium Support
  • 5 - 45 degree vinyl cutter blades
  • SW Sign Shop In A Box:
    • Two (2) - 24" X 5 yd Rolls of EnduraGLOSS Vinyl 501 Gloss White
    • Two (2) - 24" X 5 yd Rolls of EnduraGLOSS Vinyl 502 Gloss Black
    • Two (2) - 24" X 5 yd Rolls of EnduraGLOSS Vinyl 537 Gloss Cherry Red
    • Two (2) - 24" X 5 yd Rolls of EnduraGLOSS Vinyl 521 Gloss Lime Green
    • Two (2) - 24" X 5 yd Rolls of EnduraGLOSS Vinyl 510 Gloss Vivid Blue
    • EnduraMAX Banner 2' X 4' 10 oz White
    • EnduraMAX Banner 2' X 4' 10 oz Yellow
    • EnduraMAG Set 12" X 24" White Matte
    • EnduraMAG Set 12" X 24" Yellow
    • 12" x 100 yd Roll of EnduraMASK High Tack Tape
    • 6" X 100 yd Roll of Main Tape Preview PLUS
    • Five (5) - 4" White Poly Squeegees
    • Five (5) - Lil' Chizler Vinyl Removal Tools
    • Weeding Tool Kit
    • Clearstar Splash 8oz
    • Blue Painters Tape 1" X 60 yd
    • Felt Applicator
    • 3M Gold Squeegee
    • Monkey Strips (Felt Buffer) - 5 Pack
    • 28" Protecto Safety Ruler
    • EnduraMAT 18" X 24" X .120" LOGO
    • Scraperite Big Gripper Holder & 2 Blades(GP)
    • Pack Of 100 Scraperite Blades(GP)
    • Banner Power Clips - Mini (Bag Of 10)

* Sign Warehouse reserves the right to substitute clipart and/or vinyl included with packages due to their availability.

24" Vinyl Express Qe6000 Specifications

  • Max. Speed: 24 inches per second
  • Max. Material Width: 28 inches
  • Max. Cutting Area: 23.7" x 98.4'
  • Max. Cutting Thickness: 10 Mil
  • Tracking: Up to 300 inches
  • Cutter Down Force: 300 grams
  • Max. Acceleration: up to 5.7g Diagonal; 4g Axial
  • Mechanical Resolution: .0002 - .0005"
  • Repeatability: .0039"/80"
  • Data Interface: RS-232-C serial / USB
  • Buffer: 2 MB
  • Vinyl Plotter Dimensions: 33.5"W x 11.2"D x 8.7"H
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Windows OS compatible only

VE LXi Expert Features

LXi Expert is CLOUD server based and can be your off-site file backup, too. You have instant access to SignTracker tools and templates plus, you have access to logos and clipart files.

  • Design Central Interactive Toolbox
  • Cloud Window Tools
  • Online SAI Cloud File Storage
  • Import-Export CASmate/Inspire/Gerber/50+ file formats
  • Fill/Stroke Editor with Transparent Fill Option
  • Fonts on the Fly/True Type/Type 1/FlexiFonts/CASmate Font Support
  • Horizontal/Vertical/Arc/Block Text, Text on a Path
  • Onscreen Kerning, Define Kerning, Kerning Presets
  • Vinyl Cutting/Cut by Color/Color Nesting/Registration Marks
  • Interactive Cutter Control/Auto-Weld/Auto-Trap/Poll Size
  • Automatic Tiling
  • Bezier Path Tool/Freehand Drawing Tool/Path Editing Tools
  • Draw Shapes: Rectangles, Ovals, Polygons, Starbursts, and Advanced Borders
  • CMYK/RGB/LAB/HSB/Spot Color Support
  • Effects: Weld/Cut Out/Common/Exclude Common
  • Inline-Outline/Contour/Multiple Contour Cut
  • AutoTrace Vectorization/TWAIN Scanning/Centerline Trace Vectorization
  • Multiple Undos/Redos
  • Object Tools: Rotate/Mirror/Resize/Duplicate/Step and Repeat
  • Distort/Drop Shadow/Smooth Shadow
  • Optional Rhinestone Wizard plug-in

LXi Software System Requirements:

Windows 7,8 and 10; 32-bit and 64-bit compatible. LXi Cloud is fully compatible with Windows 8. Windows XP is not supported and may or may not be fully compatible. 2.0 GHz processor or better, 128 MB video or better, 2 GB memory, DVD drive, USB 2.0, 4 Gb hard drive space availability. Internet access required for initial activation.


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